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Best Courier Service In Nepal - Reliable & Affordable

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Best Courier Service In Nepal - Reliable & Affordable

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Courier service makes us anywhere anytime globally connected although we are geographically dispersed. Consumers are influencing how retailers and manufacturers must manage their supply chain. With a greater focus on core activities, companies are increasingly returning to expert partners to help deliver their products to market enabling a faster turnaround time greater flexibility for managing capacity surges, and reducing financial risk. Namaste Cargo Nepal is working hard to excel these challenges. We have been providing courier services to our customers worldwide and we also actively provide online support to connect with overseas customers for the best possible customer care.

In terms of logistical issues out there globally and increasing trade traffic in the marketplace, sustainability is a huge issue. Sustainability for transport, global reliance, and online purchases are some of the problems we face. But using a courier service to get your packages at your door makes a hassle-free transaction. We can find ways to consolidate your orders and deal with them from a sustainable point of view.

We are flexible, reliable, and most importantly fast. Just choose when, where, and what your delivery will be. We offer a wide variety of dedicated delivery services including international delivery and many more. 

International Courier Service

International courier service is used when you need to trade globally or to transport your personal parcels abroad. Multinational companies and worldwide businesses from Nepal have been using our international courier service frequently for trading purposes.
Packages can be delivered from Nepal to any corner of the world through air, sea, or inland transportation as per the requirement of needs and cost budget. We’ve built partnerships with multiple transport agencies and companies who help us provide logistic support and enable you to get your package delivered on time with safety.

Pallet Courier Service

We provide this service to assure the safe delivery of goods on pallets. Refrigerated boxes or iceboxes are used to contain certain perishable items. This service is highly beneficial for clients who need to meet strict delivery deadlines.

Why to opt for courier services than postal services?
We are an independent transport company unlike the post offices, we operate independently on any courier services inside Nepal which means quick delivery and more varied services. 
Courier services through the post office these days can be frustrating as they consume a long time to deliver without having up to date tracking system. Even the packages delivery isn’t safe and insured. You have to wait forever or pay insane prices to get it faster. Courier services are faster and provide door-to-door services for customers to transport goods from their homes to any desired location safely.
That is why you opt for Namaste Cargo Nepal for courier services. 

Our Attractive Features

Delivery Speed
The delivery speed through courier service is unmatchable. Your package does not need to go through many hands and be checked multiple times in the customs, checkpoints if you use our courier service to ship your packages. This makes us way more easy and quick to get products to reach their endpoint.
We help reduce break costs and improve turnaround time. Our global storage and distribution network make sure your package and products are always at the right place at the right time.

As a global business, we can deliver economies of scale helping to drive down your costs and improve markets. Namaste Cargo Nepal is a one-stop fast-forwarding company that enables you to deliver your packages at cheap costs.
Using courier service offers small businesses the most affordable option when it comes to shipping items or documents overnight.

We assist business owners and individuals in the supply and delivery of goods. An utmost care in handling and packaging is provided to your packages while they are made ready for transport. The parcels and documents are packed and transported without any damage or chances of misplacement.

Transport is supported by fully integrated IT systems allowing you to gain real-time visibility and traceability of packages. Our advanced tracking system allows the clients to track their courier and see where the delivery is.

Perfect For Businesses
Courier service allows you to transport goods or documents reliably. Using our courier service demonstrates that your business is professional and reliable among your targeted customers. Our courier service means less waiting, less hassle and that means you can save a lot of time by letting our experts handle your packages.

On-Time Service
We want to make every delivery experience of our clients personal. That means you can even call, text, or mail us directly and you’ll be attended by our staff instantly. Now, you can get all your ifs and buts clear and book your courier to relax and wait for it to get delivered safely on time.

As a professional experienced courier service provider from Nepal, we perform our duties with a solid foundation and early planning. Our dedication and willingness to sacrifice for customer satisfaction have led us to what we are today. We are accompanied by the bests of transport companies and partners having excellent knowledge of management, transport, finance, and market analysis. We never fail to reach our targeted goal.

Our active and enthusiastic staffs presently attend clients and we have been thoroughly delighted to be of help for many business owners of Nepal. Our experiences with new opportunities and difficult tasks have made us grow stronger and larger. Simply by having a single connection with us you can get access to a huge amount of delivery worldwide. We are ideal for businesses and act as the best possible extension of our clients to make transactions quick and easy from the comfort of their home or office. We’ll even help you choose the best courier mediums based on your delivery requirements, be it by air, land, or waterways. It’s never late to switch to us for your next delivery, we are honored to serve you anytime.

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