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Domestic and International courier services in Namaste cargo Nepal

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Domestic and International courier services in Namaste cargo Nepal

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Cargo services are crucial for sellers and businesses. Trade and the exchange of goods form the backbone of a country’s economy and facilitate the sustainability of businesses and sellers. 
With Namaste Cargo Nepal, the import and export, logistic services, and domestic and international courier services meet their reliable match in the Nepalese context. We specialize in global logistic services with our team of experts and incredible supply chain management. We employ marine, air, and land transportation services to ensure reliable transport with low logistics cost. In this blog, we provide insights on the Domestic and International courier service in Namaste Cargo Nepal.


Firstly, we have been providing the cheapest courier service in the country since 2017. Our services are not only affordable but also reliable, fast, and efficient. Nonchalant to the quantity of the shipment or the value of the goods that are being shipped, we ensure a safe and timely cargo services that you won’t find anywhere else in Nepal.

Namaste Cargo Nepal works with industry experts for manufacturing, exporting, and importing services. We realize the importance of precise handling of specific goods and have temperature-controlled storage facilities. Our warehouse facilities are renowned among manufacturers, exporters, and importers alike. 

We employ multiple delivery methods according to the nature of the shipment goods. We specialize in secure and timely delivery in the lowest price possible. In addition, our clients have the option to track their parcel in real time and can choose from our versatile and secure payment options. Whether its containerized sea transportation, air cargo services, or land delivery, we strive every day to provide the best possible service to our clients. 


With Namaste Cargo Nepal, our clients have been efficiently delivering their packages and products for commercial as well as residential purposes. Our courier service is fast, secure, and globally available. Whether it domestic or international courier, we endow our clients with the best services in the cheapest cost possible.

The domestic and international courier service in Namaste Cargo Nepal employs prompt pickup and delivery options. In addition, we facilitate proper documentation of parcels and cargo shipments. Our priorities always lie in customer satisfaction and understanding their specific requirements. We boast a nationwide and overseas network that makes our domestic and international courier service in Nepal secure, fast, and effective. 

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