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Namaste Cargo Nepal (P) Ltd. has been providing its best import services from Nepal in different parts of the world. We import various packages and products either it is for commercial or residential purposes. Our courier service includes speed, specialization, and security of the products. We have been operative our courier services in all the scales, from within specific towns or cities to regional, national, and global services.  We provide the fastest and most reliable means of transportation. The service can be used in case of urgent delivery and bit valuable items. We provide door-to-door service so that you can get the full service of delivery.

The main aim of our import service is to provide with prompt a clear pickup along with delivery services to our customers. We provide clear documentation, parcels, and cargo shipment to various destinations in the entire world charging the minimum service charge. We care about our customer’s satisfaction, needs, and demands. We guarantee the safe delivery of our customer’s shipments and provide valid proof of the delivery to the concerned parties. We have got nationwide and overseas network of transporting cargo and shipment to the various destinations within Nepal and abroad.

With an aim to provide services to make shipments all around the world, we have been providing import service in a safe, cost-productive manner. In modern days, international import has become more famous due to its high-speed transportation. Various means of transportation including airways, seaways, and so on are suitable for transporting goods at a top speed and can be delivered urgently if required. The transportation medium allows the transport of perishable goods. It does not require any capital-intensive investments. Even the probability of getting the damage of the products is low as there is no obstruction in this means of transportation. We have a dedicated and experienced team of international import specialists that have been working for a long period of time. We are always available 24-7 when you need. We provide personal service and a valuable commitment that helps for the success of your business. Our company has been importing tons of cargo on daily basis.

The service of import, we are offering is exemplary to our customers. Owning the high speed of transportation, you can increase the volume of your business by importing different valuable products need for your business and get the best outputs in a short period of time. We provide a specific facility in the field of import to give service to our customers according to their needs and requirements. Our most appropriate carriers and staff for shipments will give you supreme aftermath to get the best result in your business.

Besides the import services, Namaste Cargo (P) Ltd. has also been providing various other customer services along with cheap courier and export services. We have providing cargo insurance service. Ensuring your freight protection from various damages and loss is underrated. Hence, you are responsible for the process of protecting your cargo. Our logistics service provides proper management services to our clients that can help in the development of their business. We offer the best shipment methods that have been handled quickly and efficiently which is more important. Moreover, our highly-experienced staffs give the best ideas that help in the enhancement and to upgrade your company.