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Namaste Cargo Nepal (P) Ltd. is the reliable and cheapest courier service you could find in Nepal. Ever since its establishment in 2017, we have focused on customer satisfaction by providing service trust through couriers at a reliable price. Being a supreme logistic organization, we deliver diversified products and materials either for commercial or residential purposes. Our responsible staffs are always loyal to their work which further helps in enhancing co-relation chain between customers. In the context of local Nepalese customers, our services meet their reliable match in Import-Export, Logistic services, Local Courier, or even International shipments. 

Working within a hierarchy, Namaste Cargo Nepal always seeks improvement in the dynamic environment. Be it a natural challenge, humanitarian blockages, or something unpredictable, we have prepared the courier service to carry on in specific towns, local regions, and global services. Scientific and modern approaches are prioritized to run the services within local Nepalese stations. Whether it has to be with Air cargo delivery or Land transportation delivery, Namaste Cargo Nepal would be the first preference. Our fast delivery approach, traceability, and low-cost service make customers build profound relationships. We will discuss more the local innovation and services Namaste Cargo Nepal has been providing over the 5 years.

Namaste Cargo Nepal Mediums to Sustain Local Courier

Namaste Cargo Nepal has a long-term vision for its delivery operation. Debugging every possibility, we have come up with multiple mediums for fast delivery and reliability to sustain local couriers in changing environments.

Air Cargo

Intending to give the best in the field, Namaste Cargo Nepal practices air cargo delivery. Air Cargo manages the cost reliability, but the delivery is fast and the safest medium of all. Since our establishment, consumers' air-freight needs have been constantly being fulfilled. Our logistic system approach looks after the consumer's business goal to create a long-term bond with accuracy. Since the air cargo service is the most time utilizing medium, our priority will be to make the service cheapest as much as possible to meet all kinds of economic customers. That being said, Namaste Cargo Nepal is known as the best air cargo company in Nepal. 

Pallet Courier

Pallet Courier is carried out for the safety of products. The medium not only assures safety but it is also advantageous for those clients who are running out of strict deadlines. Focusing on the perishable goods, their reliability is further added with refrigerated boxes and icebox. Pallet courier is highly beneficial to supply valuable products within a short period.


Courier through land transportation is a much-practiced medium in Nepal. Thus, Namaste Cargo Nepal looks after the best staff who can fulfill the customer's urgency. Along with time, our motive is to provide safety as customers would be looking for the cheapest medium of the courier. Our shipments services look after the economical costs everyone can meet up with. We facilitate customers with door-to-door services, adaptability, speed service, and the cheapest price. We assure our customers that even the least valuable products are considered perishable goods. Our main focus is to look after the products from the customer's perspective. We are responsible for every product we deliver.

Why Prioritize Namaste Cargo Nepal as the Best Local Courier Service In Nepal?

Namaste Cargo Nepal provides the best facility you can find all over Nepal. Firstly, our services are one of the cheapest courier services in Nepal since 2017, and we look after the affordable price everyone can consume. Along with affordability, we also provide fast and reliable service. Composed to the number of shipments and value of the goods being carried out, we rely on customer satisfaction considering safety and time, which you won't find anywhere in Nepal.

Secondly, our company is system-based, We consult industrial experts to conduct any operation. For example, some products might get damaged due to the heat and temperature. Thus, we assure a temperature-controlled facility, proper storage, warehousing, packaging, and security. Undoubtedly, Namaste Cargo Nepal is known for its best manufacturing, storing, and delivering capacity.
Understanding the nature of products and delivering accordingly, cheapest service price, time and safety-oriented, and innovative systems are the factors why Namaste Cargo Nepal would be the first courier service to keep an eye on.

What is to Expect From Namaste Cargo Nepal In the Future?

Namaste Cargo Nepal has set a long-term vision since its establishment. Our company has flourished despite the pandemic and its effect. We stirred off to connect the customer online to continue our motive. Until now, we connect our customers via mail and online, through which time is utilized to its peak.

In the coming days, we plan to set up the alarm system to assure customers' urgency. We will further look after launching apps and other alternative factors that would create a long-term bond. Our logistic system will further enhance greenery products. Namaste Cargo Nepal is very much concerned about environmental factors. Thus, additional steps into its minimization would be the first priority to us.

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