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Are you looking for a way to export your cargo from Nepal to Japan? Well, look no further because Namaste Cargo Nepal has you covered. We provide the best and the cheapest international shipping and exporting services to Japan along with a variety of different foreign countries. In the past, the task of importing and exporting goods to and from Japan and other foreign countries used to be difficult, daunting, and in some cases even almost impossible. But since the inception of Namaste Cargo Nepal, our primary motto has been to make this task easier and more accessible to the general public.

Namaste cargo Nepal is a global logistics provider, majoring in domestic and global freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and time-sensitive and mission-critical freight value-added services. We can help you get your cargo, freight or package to Japan in no time! Our team of highly trained professionals makes the process of sending a package to Japan and other foreign countries easier and hassle-free than ever so our customers are can rest assured.  

We provide shipment services by various mediums like air, land, and sea for of all kinds of cargo. We are committed to satisfying our customers by treating each and every delivery with the utmost care. Being one of the best logistics service providers we are committed on transporting and delivering your contents safe and secure across the world in as little time as possible. With the real-time tracking feature that we provide, you can closely monitor your parcel at every point of its journey. In addition, we at Namaste Cargo Nepal also provide fair prices for all of these aforementioned services. 

Sending Cargo From Nepal To Japan 

With Namaste Cargo Nepal sending goods to Japan (and other countries) becomes as easy as it gets. We have been providing delivery service to Japan for quite some time now. We even provide door-to-door delivery from Nepal to Japan. From small-sized parcels to large-sized cargos and freight, we treat all of the goods equally with utmost priority and meticulous care given to its safety and security. The mundane and bothersome task of filling out all the required documents to get through the customs is handled by our professionals. We only ask a little amount of vital detail and that’s all; the rest of the cumbersome documents will be handled by us.  So you, a customer, can rest easy in your home while you track your cargo. And yes you can track your cargo at all times to know of its whereabouts; all the way from Nepal to Japan. Namaste Cargo Nepal provides you with the option to ship your goods through airways or land/sea. 
With Namaste Cargo Nepal, the process of exporting your cargo to Japan becomes no brainer. First you have to fill in the basic form provided in our site. It includes the basic details of your products like its type, weight, value, concerning addresses, etc. Then after selecting the preferred method of shipment and preferred method of payment as per your convenience, the process is complete. Yes, it’s that easy. The only thing left to do after that is to give the package to us and leave the rest to our professionals.
 As mentioned above, we provide our customers with various means of shipment.

Air Cargo

For any product or cargo high in volume and requires time-critical delivery, shipment through air cargo is the way to go.  With Namaste cargo Nepal, the process of sending/receiving goods becomes extremely proficient and effective. This service of airport-to-airport delivery we provide is one that we specialize in. We work with only the best airline services to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safe, sound and just as intended.  

Land/Sea Cargo

We at Namaste Cargo Nepal support shipment through land/sea too. We offer both FCL and LCL service with a wide choice of ocean carriers. Our duties and responsibilities are not only limited to arranging the suitable vessels for the purpose but also taking care of all the related procedures and documents. Our land/sea freight forwarding goes via Calcutta/Halida Port of India. 


With the introduction of airmail, Namaste Cargo Nepal is able to provide you with more ways to transport your goods. Airmail simply means at least one part of the delivery process is done through airways. The airmail service that we provide at Namaste Cargo Nepal is slightly cheaper than the “Air Cargo” service we provide. Your cargo is forwarded and sent via air to various transit points across the globe. Then from there, it is filled in the appropriate container ship and forwarded to the required destination; which in this case is Japan.  

 What Cannot Be Shipped?

Different countries have different standards for what are and aren’t allowed. If you’re in doubt, it is highly suggested that you check whether the product in question is illegal in the country of the recipient or not. If it is found to be illegal, then the item will probably be confiscated in the customs or send back to the sender. But as a general rule of thumb, stuffs like hazardous material, ammunition and weapons, acid and other harmful materials should not be put in the cargo. Needless to say illegal drugs are a big no as well. 

Cargo Rate And Delivery Period

The cargo rate and the time of delivery are based on the details like weight of the cargo and the place to be delivered. But since we have professionals in our disposal at all times, you can expect faster and more secure delivery than that of our competitors. 
It is also advised to the customer to pack the goods in the best way possible. Of course, we are always careful with your cargo but it’s always worth taking extra precaution steps for your goods to reach its destination unscathed. 

In case you have any doubts and further queries, you can always reach to our team from our official website “”. Our team of seasoned professionals at “Namaste Cargo Nepal (P) Ltd” are here for your help and support 24/7. So you, our valued customer, have one less thing to worry about.  

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