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The process of shipping cargo, or any type of goods for that matter, is always a task that’s needlessly complicated and not intuitive at all. But since the establishment of our company, Namaste Cargo Nepal (P Ltd), we have been working on the mission of making this task simpler and ultimately, connect the world. If you’re considering transporting a cargo, freight, or any sort of package to Australia from Nepal, then look no further; Namaste Cargo Nepal has got your back. Since our company started, we have been endowing services of import and export to our customers. Many people use this service to ship a variety of different products to Australia on a regular basis.

Namaste Cargo Nepal (P Ltd) is a global logistics company who’ve been providing shipment of freight and cargo to and from Nepal to a load of different foreign countries. We specialize in sending and receiving packages throughout the globe at fair prices. With the help our professionals at Namaste Cargo Nepal we ensure that every package reaches its destination safely and securely. Moreover, the speed and punctuality of our delivery service is first in class. We always strive to be the best cargo shipping company in Nepal. In Namaste Cargo Nepal you’re always one click away from sending your Cargo from Nepal to Australia. Some of the amenities and conveniences that we provide, but not limited to, include:

Fast shipment time

We at Namaste Cargo Nepal take pride in the speed and swiftness of our service. Although the delivery time from Nepal to Australia is dependent on the method of shipment, we are still faster than our competitors. The efficiency of our service remains unrivaled.   

Fair Affordable prices

We are known for our fair and cheap prices for the services that we offer. The additional charges for going through different international customs also depend on the value of the cargo. But, whatever we charge, it is almost guaranteed to be the best price one can get in the market right now. With Namaste Cargo Nepal, you are bound to get the service that’s worth your pay.  

Simple process

The procedure for importing and exporting your cargo is always not easy. More often than the intimidating process of cargo shipment is enough to turn away most people.  Well, that’s not the case here in Namaste Cargo Nepal. We are always dedicated to making the process simpler and more accessible to the common man. Our trained and expert professionals at Namaste Cargo Nepal help make this vexing process extremely easy. In fact, we do most of the heavy lifting work for you. 
All you have to do is enter the basic details regarding your package and delivery in the form provided in our front page of our website. And right after entering the details, you are provided with the pricing details of your shipment. So just like that, you are set for your shipment from Nepal to Australia in just a matter of few seconds. 

Secure Payment

At Namaste Cargo Nepal we provide our customers with the option to perform transactions from all of the popular online payment services (like E-Sewa, Khalti, IME Pay, etc). All of the payments and transactions on Namaste Cargo Nepal are fully secured.  

Real-time package tracking

With the feature to track your package, you can easily identify the whereabouts of your cargo in real time. Just by entering the tracking ID of your cargo, you will get all the tracking info for your cargo. From the comfort of your own home, you will be able to watch your cargo go through the entirety of its voyage, i.e. from Nepal to Australia. 

All sizes of cargo

Whatever the size and volume of your cargo may be; we will ship it with no difficulties. Our dedicated team of professionals specialize in delivering all kinds of cargo to Australia; be it small hand packages or be it large freights. And as eminent from our customer feedback, we take extremely good care of the package regardless of its size. We always try our best to ensure that the cargo reaches its destination thoroughly unharmed. It is our absolute top priority to deliver your cargo to Australia as it is intended. 

Different shipment mediums

Namaste Cargo Nepal has been providing the options to choose your preferred method of shipment for years now. Whether your preferences lie in transportation through air medium or surface medium (land and sea), we have you entirely covered. It should also be noted that the prices and the time of delivery from Nepal to Australia are greatly reliant on the method of shipment that is selected. 
If you have further questions or are still confused regarding the procedure or other formalities, our support team is on the line 24/7 for your service.    

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