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Worldwide Freight Forwarding Company in Nepal

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Namaste Cargo Nepal is a Nepal-based worldwide freight forwarder and shipping agent. We organize shipments for individuals, companies, and businesses throughout the world to transfer goods from suppliers to customers. Cargo refers to goods or products carried in a truck, van, airplane, train, or ship. Transport of Cargo can be by either: land, sea or air. Since it is impossible for Import and Export of utilities between Customer and Supplier directly due to international trades and customs. We act as an agent or third person in your trades to deal with various transportation services such as sea shipping, air cargo, express parcels, trucking, courier service, airmail, export service, and so on.

Freight forwarding service

  • Consolidation and warehousing
  • Inland transportation
  • Prepare shipping and export documents
  • Book cargo space
  • Negotiate freight charges
  • Buy and claim cargo insurance
  • Export declaration and import clearance

Why Namaste Cargo Nepal?

Namaste Cargo Nepal is an evolving, competent freight forwarding company in Nepal providing worldwide freight forwarding services with a presence in the logistics and transportation business. We provide customers with a hassle-free shipping experience. Our Features are:


Cost is a primary and determining factor in freight forwarding. We are capable of getting better terms due to the high volume of containers we move. Our long-term established relationships with the carriers help our customers to get their work done with the most suitable cost to pay.
We simplify shipping for e-commerce by helping them figure out their shipping in the most cost-effective way.

Free from multiple contracts

When you are moving your cargo internationally, you could possibly need to arrange air cargo, sea freight, or inland transportation. Instead of working with many different companies, we can handle all of them for you. You get free from signing multiple contracts, custom charges, and other legal formalities.


We have always multiple plans and backups ready for meeting tight deadlines and dealing with unexpected problems. When one shipping channel does not work, we have multiple others ready to keep up with the time allocated for transport. We handle all unprepared situations for our customers with our professional competence and experience.

Fast delivery

As an importer/exporter you want your cargo delivery to be safe on time with the competitive freight cost. Delivery is seamless and reliable with proper security to the safety of your sourced product.

Cargo Tracking

With Namaste Cargo Nepal, you get fast delivery times and an online tracking facility. A tracking code is provided with your product which you can track online through our site to know where it has reached.

Custom clearance and Documentation

Shipping internationally is a difficult and detail-oriented process and if any individual does it by him-herself, they need to face many problems and barriers at the customs. We deal with customs clearance on behalf of our customers to process their products inside the country.

Consolidation and Warehousing

Warehousing is the service of providing space to store production or extra stocks from manufacturers and sellers. We specialize in consolidating finished goods from various manufacturers and sell them to their targeted customers.
Namastey Cargo company makes it possible to combine loads on a daily basis without delaying shipments.
We consolidate multiple purchases or products of customers to ideally reduce their shipping charge.

Multiple shipment channels

Shipping Methods
It’s completely the customer’s choice to choose among the shipping methods if the destination location has all of the shipping possible.
Shipping can be done by air with planes, by the sea with large cargo ships, and by land with courier services, cars, and trucks.
You are free to choose your best options as per your circumstances.

Courier service is the cheapest option for all shipments, like samples and parcels. You may track and trace the information online. This shipment process is lengthy and you need to wait relatively longer to receive the product.
This method is recommended for inside country trades where you can get your trade done with normal delivery days and cheap prices as the goods don’t need any custom clearance within the country.
This method is a good option for drop-shipping.

Air shipping is the fastest and most probably available in all countries of the world. If the weight of the sourced product is too large for the couriers, air shipment might be the best bet. There are tight deadlines and tight control on security. Transit time varies on the schedule of the airlines.
It takes fewer business days for goods to travel anywhere in the globe. When there’s a problem, you have a tracking number that can solve the problem. The price of air shipping is relatively higher than the postal service.

Sea Shipping can take relatively more time than land and air shipping. It is mostly recommended and used to carry a massive amount of goods which drives down the costs. The diversity of cargo that can be shipped is also a major benefit to this mode. It’s a popular and widely used mode in logistics. Despite the length of delivery time, if you plan ahead and have enough time to wait, sea freight will be your top choice.

Our experience in freight forwarding

Namaste Cargo Nepal comprises very cultured, skilled manpower with a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the freight forwarding business. The necessity and rising worldwide industry of Shipping resulted in the formation of Namaste Cargo Nepal. 

Our network

We have a wide range of transport mediums that customers can choose as per their convenience, for import and export goods worldwide.
We help sellers, manufacturers, and customers to complete their trade business from any country. We specialize in the documentation for customs clearance for any country and are familiar with rules and regulations regarding Import and Export. Our reach for freight forward is all over the world.

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