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Air Cargo Export

Namaste Cargo Nepal (P) Ltd. provides top-class air export facilities for any time of cargo in any part of the world. As the pioneer company for the best air export service provider in Nepal, we have been utilizing the major airlines in order to offer our customers the quality and best variety of air freight service options. To ensure timely, cost-effective movement of our goals, our team has been maintaining extensive contracts and block space agreements and has been monitoring the latest marketing trends. We work closely with our customers, fulfilling their needs and demands and providing with various routing options, proper export customs processing, document preparation, and adherence to export various compliance standards. We practice the latest technology that helps to give the best solutions. We focus on providing quality customer service and make export with a pleasant experience.

Air export is the best way to send your goods and products from one place to another in a fast manner. Goods can be sent by air to arrive on a specific day with a high speed which is said to be the main advantage of air export. As there is no possibility of traffic, unplanned road-works, and accidents, the goods you send are more likely to reach safely. Air export more variety and flexibility as many things can be shipped by airways. As well as, the product is safer, there is low damage risk for the products. This is the main factor that almost every business company requires.

We have been providing various air export services including airport to airport, the airport to the door, door to door, foreign to foreign, charter service, next fight departure, and so on. In addition, there is no size or weight restrictions, airport export is chosen by most of the companies.