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Dec 13, 2018

Top courier company in Nepal

Namaste Cargo Nepal is a Top courier company in Nepal with a highly dedicated and motivated group of people who have depth knowledge and are highly experienced in cargo services all around the world. In present days, Namaste cargo Nepal is the leading and the largest network courier service provider in Nepal that covers self-network stations all around Nepal with advanced and scientific management using the latest and high-class technology and quality manpower. We have a fresh team and technology that performs the task in systematic and scientific ways. We address your customized requirements. We came up by virtue of more and long experience. We are aware of various types and sensitivity of consignment, standard POD requirements, the process of delivery and the schedule structure. We are an international courier company in Nepal that has the required infrastructure, expertise, manpower and technology to perform the courier tasks smoothly and wisely.
The world is developing faster in terms of business. In these days, every business requires their products to be delivered more quickly and securely. The old days are gone when the customers have to wait for their good for a whole week. The growing scope of e-commerce and demand for on-time delivery are the main reason most companies in Nepal have been relying on the courier service providers that give your chances to outsource the delivery products as soon as possible. Our company lies at the top of the list of courier companies in Nepal. Relying on courier companies for the transportation of your goods gives you a lot of benefits. It helps in the reduction of transport expenses. We take care of your firm’s business shipping concerns. This means you don’t have to use your fleet in order to manage company deliveries. Your business can make saving on the vehicle expenses that includes fuel, maintenance, and other repair costs. We also transfer risks and liabilities. We take the whole responsibilities of your goods to be secured. The company is liable if the condition of the package tampers. The process of relying on courier service makes you deliver your productivity throughout different places. You can deliver your different goods in many places in a short period of time. We provide you with a significant portion of courier service with fast speed and professionalism. This helps you to save your time. We are the professional and best courier company in Nepal that offers customized delivery services. You can deliver your packages depending upon the size of the business. Moreover, we also give you access to our additional services that include logistical solutions, warehousing, and many others.
We are known as the top courier company in Nepal that has been providing door to door pickup and delivery service all over Nepal. Our delivery services include express bulk parcel service, packaging service, and cargo service and so on. We also handle international imports and exports of goods through land cargo, sea cargo, and others. We give you a fast and reliable delivery service so that your business can come up with a new position among the customers.

Welcome to Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. we are one of the leading International – Cargo forwarding & Courier service provider company from Nepal our main goal is to serve our customers with the highest satisfaction & promptness. Our Relaibility honesty, accuracy, close communication and commitment is our main asseet. We offer all types of services, from Express Documents & Parcel to Door to Door Cargo, airfreight to sea freight, warehousing to complete packing and complete international trasportaion services. We are a well established and acknowledged as a quality service provider and well respected by our customer and competitors for our technical knowledge and logistical ability, as well as our enviable record on service and attention detail.

Shipping banned & legal items in Nepal

Being one of the top cargo companies in Nepal, we have been providing our transportation and logistics services in different countries in the world. The shipping laws of the country vary as per its constitutions. There are various international shipping prohibitions and restrictions as per the rule of Nepal. While shipping the products internationally, the national, as well as international shipping rules and regulations, must be considered. Some items are completely forbidden and others are allowed under certain conditions. These items may be valuable things and are categorized as endangered stuff. Nepal has its own rule for importing and exporting things. Your country may have a different rule for importing different things. It varies country by country.

As the sellers are aiming for the International Shipping, the shipping laws are becoming more conducive and various incentives are being increased for the sellers and the idea of global selling seems to be more lucrative than ever. Various products are done very well in the international market whereas some are banned. Some sellers believe that it is easy to ship anything when they tie-up with the carrier partner, but this is not true. According to the shipping laws, various items are banned from shipping and also different items are legalized for shipping. This banned items cannot be exported from one country to another. Each country has different items for shipping that are specified by their government. Here are different shipping banned and legal items in Nepal mentioned below:

1. Banned items for export

  • Articles of Archaeological and Religious importance: These items include the things that have religious importance. As the archaeology and religions and their practices vary from country to country, the export of these things is banned in Nepal. These articles of Archaeological and Religious importance are:
i. National and foreign coins or archeological value
ii. Idols of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), Plant leaf inscription (Bhoj Patra)
iii. Scroll (Thanka paintings) of historical Importance
  • Conserved wildlife and related articles: Different wildlife are categorized into endangered species nowadays. There is a rule for shipping banned for the wildlife and related articles. Here are some conserved wildlife and related articles in Nepal.
i. Wild animals
ii. Bile and any part of wild animals
iii. Musk
iv. The skin of different animals such as snake and lizard
  • Drugs: Drugs are the chemicals that can bring negative effects in the body when taken without the prescription of the doctor. A different drug like Marijuana, Opium, Hashish, and another drug which are defined in the Single Convention of Narcotics, 1961 are banned to export from Nepal.
  • ‚ÄčArticles are Industrial Importance: Industries have different confidential information that is not to be shared publicly. These articles and things that can cause a negative effect in the industry are banned for export.
i. Explosive materials and fuse or materials
ii. Materials that are used for the production of arms and ammunition
  • Raw Materials: As raw materials are valuable resources that can be used for the production of new products, they are highly restricted by the law. These raw materials include the skin of animals, raw wood, and various raw materials that are extracted naturally.
  • Other: Some of the other products that are banned for shipping in Nepal are mamira, timber, and log, etc.

2. Products under Quantitative Restriction:

These are the products that have specific limits on the quantity that can be imported or exported from one country to another. These products are notified by the Government of Nepal at a certain interval of time.

3. Products allowed for exports:

All the products except the banned and under quantitative restrictions are allowed for exports in Nepal.



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