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Logistic Services in Nepal

Namaste Cargo (P) Ltd. has been providing quality logistics services in Nepal to its customers at cheap price. Being the pioneer agency to provide proper management support in the organization, we have been contributing to the development of the business organization.

Welcome to Namaste Cargo Nepal

Namaste Cargo Nepal, one of Nepal’s leading global logistics provider. Offering a solution for global exchange of goods by supporting the industry in land and air transport.

Cargo from Nepal to Australia

The process of shipping cargo, or any type of goods for that matter, is always a task that’s needlessly complicated and not intuitive at all. But since the establishment of our company, Namaste Cargo Nepal (P Ltd), we have been working in the mission of making this task simpler and ultimately, connect the world. If you’re considering transporting a cargo, freight or any sort of package to Australia from Nepal, then look no further; Namaste Cargo Nepal has got your back. Since our company started, we have been endowing services of import and export to our customers. Many people use this service to ship variety of different product to Australia on a regular basis.

Cheapest Courier Service from Nepal to the USA

Namaste Nepal Cargo is the leading cargo shipment/delivery service provider. We excel at cargo delivery all around the globe to places like the USA, Japan, Australia, and India. We also have the best-in-class product tracking system. With Namaste Nepal, your cargo is in safe hands. There is a temperature-controlled warehouse to store your cargo before shipment and during transit break. We ensure adequate packing and handle the packages with utmost care. You can track the products from our site while we deliver the products in pristine condition.

Worldwide Freight Forwarding Company in Nepal

Namaste Cargo Nepal is a Nepal-based freight forwarding or shipping agent. We organize shipments for individuals, companies, and businesses throughout the world to transfer goods from suppliers to customers. Cargo refers to goods or products carried in a truck, van, airplane, train, or ship. Transport of Cargo can be by either: land, sea or air.

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