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Cheapest Courier Service from Nepal to the USA

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Cheapest Courier Service from Nepal to the USA

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Namaste Nepal Cargo is the leading cargo shipment/delivery service provider. We excel at cargo delivery all around the globe to places like the USA, Japan, Australia, and India. We also have the best-in-class product tracking system. 

With Namaste Nepal, your cargo is in safe hands. There is a temperature-controlled warehouse to store your cargo before shipment and during transit break. We ensure adequate packing and handle the packages with utmost care. You can track the products from our site while we deliver the products in pristine condition. 

Fast Delivery time

If you are seeking a fast and urgent delivery service, Namaste Cargo is the way to go. We constantly deliver all kinds of cargo from Nepal to the USA daily. Air cargo is the fastest way. With this, the cargo or the courier packages will get transported through the air. It is very safe, and you will feel the speed at which it reaches the destination. We have been continually delivering the cargo on time. 
Remember us for time-sensitive and mission-critical cargo delivery. We take all the shipments with utmost priority. 

Cheapest and most affordable rates

As we already mentioned, Namaste Nepal Cargo is the cheapest cargo delivery service in all of Nepal. We waste little on advertising and believe in business with quality service. Our services are of premium quality. The strict checks, well-skilled personnel, and long-term experience ensure that there will be no issues regarding the shipment.  

Cargo of all sizes

Size matters when it comes to large cargo shipping. But we will make it as easy and seamless as possible. The shipment method and rates may vary slightly, but you will get the same experience. You have to fill the form and make the payment according to cargo rates. You can track the cargo with the same ease with no regard to its size.
We ensure equal care and handling to the large-sized cargos. With medium to small size parcels, shipment by air cargo will be much faster and efficient. Hence, there is no need to worry about too much cargo weight. 

Sending cargo from Nepal to the USA

With Namaste Nepal Cargo, you can easily send any parcels or cargo from Nepal to the USA (or other countries). We provide the home delivery service with the delivery partners in the USA, and we also pick the cargo from your place. Usually, there is a lot of paperwork, cargo handling charges, shipment fees, customs clearance, taxes. We will do all the paperwork and make the necessary arrangements. 

For this, we do require some basic information to start the process. There is a simple form on our website. You will have to fill in the product details like the nature of cargo, weight, and place of destination. The procedure is quite simple. 
After the goods/cargo is received, we will check if the packing is sufficient. If it is not, we will make adjustments to it. Our priority is to ship the cargo in pristine condition, with the cheapest rates that we can offer. So we can't have fragile items bouncing all over the place inside the package. We will calculate the estimated costs and give you a shipping rate. You will provide us with the cargo to ship and make the payment appropriately. 
After the goods are shipped, you can use the tracking id to see where the cargo has reached so far.

Shipment mediums: 

We will deliver your cargo to the intended destination in the USA. For this, you can choose the medium that suits your needs. There are mainly two factors to consider here. The first one is the nature of the cargo. Its fragile nature, large size, and delivery urgency are the key factors we consider to choose the appropriate shipping medium. Delivery time and cargo rates highly depend upon the shipping medium as well.

Air Cargo and Air Mail
Air Cargo is the fastest delivery method that we currently provide. You can rely on our service for time constraint delivery needs and high volume shipments. This method is also suitable for fragile objects. Air transport is the fastest and most secure mode of cargo transportation.
Air Mail is slightly cheaper than the air cargo service. In this method, we will send the cargo to various transit points by air. Then the goods will be loaded into the container ships and reach their destination.

Land/Sea Cargo

Namaste Nepal Cargo provides excellent service of cargo delivery by land or sea medium. Land/sea transport is significantly better in pricing if you have large containers or the fast shipment isn't necessary. 

In terms of sea cargo, there are full container loads (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipment models. And we operate both of these, so the cargo will be delivered by the most appropriate model to ensure the fastest and cheapest delivery route. 

Package tracking

We provide you the best tracking service there is. Our tracking system is so elaborate that it tracks the package even before it is shipped. Right from the time you register for the shipment, you can check the status of your packages. After collecting the item to deliver, we will apply proper packaging then send it to the destination. From your smartphone, you will know the status of your cargo and where it reached. The advanced tracking system will notify you of all the shipping events at each points your cargo passes. And when it is delivered, we will let you know. It has never been easier.

Cargo rate and Delivery period

We provide the cheapest courier service in Nepal. The rates will depend on various factors such as the dimensions after packaging, its size, and the destination place. The delivery takes a standard shipment time, but we put extra care to ensure it reaches safely to the destination. Data wise, we are providing faster delivery compared to our competitors.  

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