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Parcel Delivery Service In Kathmandu

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We are here to offer the fastest and most reliable courier and parcel delivery services. Our main goal is to expand the needs of every business and personal product and package delivered quickly and securely. We really appreciated the demand of customers and growing business needs within the country and worldwide. We accepted the challenge of fulfilling the dynamic need of customers for logistic services in Nepal.

Business is growing day by day. Every business needs a trusted delivery agent for the delivery of their products and parcels. For the solution of every delivery service in Nepal, we provide our best to our clients. Mainly e-commerce business seeks for service providers that provide proper delivery to the customers within time.

Going on with time parcel delivery service in Kathmandu has raised its scope day to day. Ordering goods and products from online platforms need a better delivery agent to the fulfillment of clients’ needs on time. Instant local delivery within Kathmandu city includes instant pickup and delivery service as the client needs. So, parcel delivery services in Kathmandu include:

Delivery of parcels for corporates

Corporate documents are the value of a company that needs to be delivered with high security. You can trust Namaste Cargo Nepal for the delivery of parcels related to the company so that you don’t need to carry important documents of the company and travel on your own.

Delivery of parcels for individual needs

Namaste Cargo Nepal guarantees the delivery of your personal documents and parcel securely where you need them and when you need them. We also provide a home delivery service in Nepal and an instant delivery service in Kathmandu.

Delivery of parcel for e-commerce purpose

Due to technical development in the e-commerce area, customers choose a lot to receive the goods they buy via online shopping. Every business needs to provide a variety of delivery options today. Namaste Cargo Nepal provides reliable parcel delivery with a tracking facility at an affordable price.

Why Namaste cargo Nepal for parcel delivery

·        Fast delivery of the parcel,

·        Reliable delivery,

·        Reasonable price structure,

·        Quality of work (finest packing and secure delivery),

·        Successful cargo delivery,

· We believe in connecting people via goods and making life easier

We guarantee you the timely delivery of your parcel as logistic services in Nepal. Customers are an important part of any business. We provide high value to our customers. The main priority of every business organization is customer satisfaction. Efficient and effective Courier Delivery is a goal for us. Acknowledgment of order and delivery of parcels as they lead and plan within a specific time slot is the main point today. We work to improve our delivery service and make you comfortable and reasonable working with Namaste Cargo Nepal as much as we can.

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