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How to export goods from Nepal ?

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How to export goods from Nepal ?

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Many procedures have been taken for How to export goods from Nepal. Nepal being a landlocked country supported the means of roadways in the preceding years. However, nowadays Nepal has been upgraded to support all air, roads, and lands to convey the goods and services for internal and international through mutual understanding with trading partners outside the country.

The goods and merchandise are conveyed through freight and cargo services by making agreements with shipping partners outside the country. There are various companies related to goods exporters from Nepal, among them the pioneer name is Namaste cargo Nepal, one of the leading global logistics provider companies from supporting the industry inland and air transports and offering solutions for exchanging of goods and services.

Let’s talk about some steps to export goods from Nepal, and how Namaste cargo Nepal exports goods from Nepal.
A variety of laws and regulations regulate the export of goods from Nepal to other countries. Exporters must adhere to these laws and obey unique procedures. Mainly Nepal exports goods like, steel and iron, woven carpets, textiles, plastics, metal plates, beverages, and vegetables are exported. Nepal’s largest trading partner in India, and, Bangladesh, Germany, France, Canada, China, and Japan are some of the others. So, now we going to discuss how these services are exported from Nepal 

To export the goods from Nepal there should be a bilateral treaty signed between Nepal and other countries. The banned items including wild animals, musk, the skin of animals like snake & lizards, drugs, national and foreign coins of archeological values, archeological importance articles, idols of gods and goddesses, scroll (thanka) paintings, plant, and palm-leaf inscriptions, articles of industrial importance, timber, log, and mamira are not allowed to export and imports according to the rules and regulations of country i.e it may vary from the country by country. Excepts for the banned items and other manufacturing items, garments are exported from Nepal 

To commence export business from Nepal these steps may be followed
See how Namaste cargo Nepal follows these procedures to export goods from Nepal. 

1. Company registration

As from the rules and regulations of Nepal, only the registered companies can export the goods. There are two associations in the private sector called the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce (NCC) that issue all exports with a Certificate of Origin (COO) required by Nepalese Customs. This prescribed COO format is not required for the export of products other than manufactured goods on a preferential market access basis. Namaste cargo Nepal is registered with the ministry of commerce to export its products and has obtained a single proprietorship firm for a partnership from the department of state of commerce. 

2. Tax Registration

For any company, the tax registration is done along with its permanent account number (PAN). So, a registered industry needs to be licensed with a local tax office. Namaste cargo Nepal has registered with the Nepal taxation system as per the requirements of exporting goods to other countries. The tax bureau issues a certificate of income tax registration. It is important to renew this certificate annually within the first three months of every taxation year. The company obtains all the strategies related to the taxation system so for exporting goods from Nepal there are no big issues for Namaste cargo Nepal.

3. Bank account

For exporting goods from Nepal the exporter companies need to open the current bank account in order to conduct exporting for financial transactions. Namaste cargo Nepal has opened its separate accounts for foreign currency. If the vendor wants to export its manufacturing items from Nepal, Namaste cargo Nepal provides its facilities at an effective and easy space.

4. Vat Registration

If anyone wishes to begin exporting products from Nepal, a trading license is mandatory in Nepal and Register with VAT as well. According to the rules of Nepal, there should be a compulsory VAT registration system for exporting goods also if exporter wishes a duty drawback facility on the import or procurement of raw materials and intermediate goods imported/purchased for the processing of export goods. Namaste cargo Nepal is registered with VAT due to exceeding transactions and issues the benefits of duty drawback which reduces the cost of exporting goods thus, increase competitiveness as one of the leading global logistics providers.

5. Contract agreements

Any exporting companies can get help from the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce (FNCC) to Organizing meetings with prospective customers and appointments. Namaste cargo Nepal sign its contract agreement with the respective shipping partner for exporting the goods to the end-user. The importer sends the purchase request including details of products, price, quantity, terms of payment, packaging, the scheduled date of shipment, and mode of delivery after prosperous negotiations. An export contract may be signed by both sides until a deal has been made between the exporter and the buyer.

6.  Proforma Invoice

An invoice is needed to streamline the selling process. The invoice is intended to ease the sales method. The customer will approve the price when you send the proforma invoice and then send the products or services. The price (specifying FOB, C&F, CIF, etc.) is indicated in a proforma invoice and other information that enables the purchaser to open a credit letter (L / C) favor or advance payment to the exporter. Namaste cargo Nepal follows these steps for exporting the goods from Nepal. As it is mandatory to deliver the goods for other countries. Proforma invoices are good faith forecasts, instead of demand, which allows the consumer to know exactly what is to be expected. 

7. Custom Clearance 

Any exporter companies need to make the defining documents for customs clearance.
The legal and ethical standards documents for exporting goods from Nepal, by Namaste cargo Nepal are listed below:
1. Copy of company certificate/firm registration
2. Tax/vat registration from Inland Revenue Department
3. Bank account
4. Invoice
5. Contract
6. Shipment
7. Payment
8. CTD (custom transit declaration)
9. Letter of Credit (L/C) of advance payment
10. Bill of lading/Airway bill
11. Importer-Exporter code(IEC) number

The best thing about us is, we have it all worked out and are ready to be put for your service. That's the reason Namaste Cargo has been in this sector, standing out as one of the well-renowned cargo services in Nepal due to the facilities we provide. We have a good mass of contact with the Ministry of Finance, Customs officers, Customs brokers, and people related to that field which preserves yours and our time. let’s join a hand and give us a chance to export your manufacturing goods from Nepal to international.
We valued our customers as they believe in us.

We never frustrate our clients Last but not least Namaste cargo Nepal provides 24/7customer supports, provides customer care, one-stop delivery, tailored shipping services, personalized services, trading, and end-to-end compliance education.

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