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Global Logistic Services From Nepal

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Global Logistic Services From Nepal

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In this day and age, global trade happens on a massive scale and involves an almost unimaginable amount of products. Global logistics is part of our day-to-day life and even the most basic products have to travel across the world to reach their destination country. Foods, fruits, clothing, and uncountable numerous products travel across the world daily to reach the targeted customers through cargo companies. It incorporates the connection of people from overseas; it’s the movement of information, products, and money from one part of the world to another. With Namaste Cargo Nepal, the exchange of goods between countries, import-export, the shipment has become easy and most reliable.
Global trade can help create, sustain, and grow businesses. Most Nepali industries export more than what is consumed and purchased within Nepal. So, we see an increase in the export rate in today’s date. Importing and exporting happen all the time and it has a huge impact on people’s daily lives and experiences.
Namaste Cargo Nepal can move your freight across the country or around the world. Our logistics specialists ensure your goods arrive when you need them. We’ve built a team of experts, product managers, and other professionals to reinvent how products move around the globe. We offer a full suite of global logistic services including supply chain management, shipping by various mediums; secure warehousing, customs brokerage, business-critical, and so on.
Some products are daily manufactured to meet the daily necessity and are weekly exported. Our customers also transport various cargoes by marine, air, and road transportation including basic necessity items, expensive jewelry, stationeries, and many more products. We have been substantially improving customer care with time and need. Namaste Cargo Nepal is a well-known shipping company having multiple services regarding global logistics all around the world.
Namaste Cargo Nepal carries out global logistics worldwide and responds perfectly to the diversified needs for international freight transport. Our international shipment realizes shorter transport time and lower logistics costs. We provide intact service and first-person handling in order to save indirect costs and transit time with safety.

Our Features as a Global Logistics Company

Best Logistics Team
It’s a bold vision that requires innovative hardware and software solutions in every step of the process, that’s why we have individuals who are intrigued with the idea of working with a mixed range of talented people around the world. We capacitate to design local solutions with available resources and stay fit in the future of international logistics. Our trade compliance and regional experts will help you seamlessly deliver goods quickly and cost-effectively by accessing our global logistics experience.

Custom Clearance

A cargo or vessel cannot pass through the customs if any of the information given is wrong. We offer a one-stop logistic service which has the advantages of having a single contract to complete the entire shipment process. Based on the information, we prepare vessels, custom clearance, and confirm necessary documents to ship your cargo safely and on time. The container containing your export items is lashed firmly.
If you are concerned about waiting through international legal regulations and the ever-changing documentation requirements, allow us to help you navigate through the dull, time-consuming custom clearance quickly.

Inexpensive Freight Costs

One of the major factors that burden a product to reach its targeted customer is the hike in pricing due to overseas travel. With Namaste Cargo Nepal you can opt for the least add-on amount on your items as our shipping charges are the cheapest amongst other competitive Nepali cargo companies. We provide a lesser amount of shipment costs with an increase in your shipments over time, i.e. the more you ship from us the less the shipment charges are. Some exciting opportunities and offers are also available time and often to reduce operating costs.

Quality Control and Management

We are designed to adapt into the future logistic market and have proper understanding and capacity to break through the busy shipment traffic all over the world. As a re-known leader in synchronized supply chain services of Nepal, Namaste Cargo Nepal works with companies, manufacturers, and individuals all over Nepal to transport the cargoes by saving a certain percentage in overall freight cost compared to other freight forwarding companies. Our team of practitioners drive improvements in their logistics to provide your company immediate access to global logistics.

On-Time Tracking

Through our easy-to-use online booking system, you can choose from a variety of transport mediums enhancing control of your freight network by an end-to-end tracking system. With us, you will increase productivity and one-stop connectivity to your customers, suppliers, companies, and anywhere you want to ship your cargo. You can access any information about your cargo and get answer to your queries regarding global logistics on our page at just one click of a button through any compatible device.

Specialised Services

In our company, we provide a full package delivery in logistic services like courier services, air, land, and sea cargo services, freight forwarding, goods clearance, customs clearance, and many more.
We have got a wide range of networks inside Nepal and anyone can get the proper knowledge and ideas for their shipment at our branch offices or the online support system as well. We also provide supply chain solutions for heavyweight consignments and cargoes. We offer timely and excellent delivery services.

Due-Care and Safety

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, whether it's few kilos or many tons you’ll always receive the same care and diligence while your product is in our care. Door-to-door cargo insurance means your goods are safeguarded throughout the supply chain.

Prepared for Uncertainty

This pandemic made numerous changes in the transportation and logistics industries which made many new companies face failure and caused other competitive companies to reduce their services. The case wasn’t the same for Namaste Cargo Nepal, although there were no active transport services for months we got the chance to reach out to more advanced and quick delivery options during that time and we found more effective, reliable ways to transport goods on time.

High-Quality Service

Our global logistics does not hesitate in taking on challenges of new types of logistic service. Our transport team is always up for strengthening its transport service to meet the broad range of demands of today and tomorrow. Our IT technology is fully employed to meet customers’ requirements with accuracy and safety. A broad range of information on shipping is provided. With our quality management system, we will continue to further improve service quality.

Worldwide Network

As soon as an order is placed, a seamless global journey would begin. The package will be picked up by local transportation and taken to a processing facility. It is then prepared for shipment by automated machines or workers. The customs will get cleared in minutes instead of days. Then it would be on its way across borders with complete visibility and end-to-end tracking until it lands at its final destination. Wherever in the world, you need your product to be, we’re here to help you get it there.

On-Time Delivery

Buyers can purchase items from sellers on the other side of the world and receive those items in the time simply and affordably. We seek to provide expedited service to ensure your end consumer receives your product on time. Best-in-class service and leading-edge technologies have been adapted to enable quick delivery.
We are a one-stop freight forwarder for global logistics, warehousing, distribution, and global freight forwarding. We have the resources and knowledge to address all of your needs quickly and efficiently. With our vast experience in global markets, we can meet any need. We offer customized solutions for unique transportation requirements to some of the challenging countries of the world. Customized packing and crating assistance is provided to meet the exact need and features of the cargo products. No request is too difficult for us to handle.
Our facilities and employees across the globe are strategically positioned to manage your logistics effectively. Innovative customized supply chain solutions have been provided to our customers worldwide. We have been able to set new standards in the industry from solution design implementation to operations. With globalization, increasing supply chain complexity, and the need for speed adaptability, accuracy, and timeliness Namaste Cargo Nepal operates a platform capable to maintain an end-to-end visible supply chain.

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