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Namaste Cargo Nepal (P) Ltd. is one of the supreme organizations that has been providing courier service in Nepal at a reasonable price. We deliver various correspondences and products either it is for commercial or residential purposes. Our courier service includes speed, specialism, and security of the products. We have been operating our courier services in all scales, from within specific towns or cities to regional, national, and global services.

Courier services provide you with complete delivery of goods from contracts and paperwork to urgent medical supplies and filings. Courier service is known as one of the biggest allies a business organization can have in modern society. This service adds value to the service and please the customers and gives your business organization whole benefits that aren’t possible in traditional delivery services. This service serves customers and partners faster. It can make same-day and even some-time delivery that you cannot even imagine. The organizational reputation is dependent on transportation services. With the help of a courier service, you can help your organization to grow faster and make more profits. With a courier service, you can even get various contracts at a cheap price. It helps to do better work with the other offices and store locations. The courier service also helps to control traffic in the business organization.

Getting files from one point to another point might be difficult. Courier service gives you a complete solution for your delivery services and saves your time and effort. A courier hands off the documents to someone in charge and gets a signature that shows the exact document was received. The signature acts as proof. While dealing with e-signature documents and emails, you can’t always know whether or not someone actually received the document. People can easily deny that they didn’t receive the documents. Hence, courier service can be said as one of the most reliable services that help for the secure transportation of documents. Sending sensitive materials quickly through traditional methods can be misused. Without courier service, the document can be misused.

The courier service provides complete flexibility to the business organization and it even helps the organization to grow up. Courier service is best known as the fast and reliable service in terms of transportation. This is a door-to-door service that helps to deliver and receive documents without much effort. Time duration on average is 3 to 5 days (depends on country).

The main aim of our courier service is to provide the best courier service in Nepal with prompt a clear pickup along with delivery facilities to our customers. We provide clear documentation, parcels, and cargo shipment to various destinations in the entire world charging the minimum service charge. We care about our customer’s satisfaction, needs, and demands. We do not compromise on the quality of our service. We guarantee the safe delivery of our customer’s shipments and provide valid proof of the delivery to the concerned parties. We have got nationwide and overseas network of transporting cargo and shipment to the various destinations within Nepal and abroad.

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