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Road Transportation & Logistics Management for Nepal

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Road Transportation & Logistics Management for Nepal

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Road Transportation & Logistics Management for Nepal

Our company provides a flexible and affordable land logistics service because we care about your business as well. Our company provides you with a full road transport solution using our skilled staff who are outfitted with border-specific permits. We understand how effective transportation and logistics management is critical to your business and your success. With our full range of transportation and logistics services, we assure to meet your expectation. An essential component of our business Is the transportation of goods of all shapes and sizes. We offer affordable logistics solutions to satisfy the transportation requirements of businesses.
Our project forwarding staff is available at your instant disposal for any cargo that does not meet the rules owing to size, weight, or other difficulties.

Services for Air-sea Logistic 

We offer air-sea freight services that can deliver cargo to any port worldwide and provide daily service to key air freight hubs. The design and execution of unique, particularly large-volume transport orders—whether they involve imports or exports, full or partial charter, or a mix of air and sea freight—are also among our core capabilities. Your supply chain will be more flexible if you combine air and sea freight.

Door To Door Delivery

The customer is exempt in this instance from making any arrangements for sea freight container shipping. The most popular and practical method of shipment is door-to-door delivery. All procedures, from container loading to delivery to the port to arrival at the destination, are under our control. Storage, consolidation, and inland transportation of your cargo are some of the crucial steps in the process. Door-to-door delivery is the most practical and expedient option.


We can set up various-sized warehouses for our esteemed clients. We offer regular and urgent cargo services in Nepal to efficiently and expertly distribute your goods or convey your personal things. We give you the ability to respond to quick changes in the industry while lowering your investment risks and operational expenses thanks to our vast network of specialized warehouse and distribution operations.
Storage Services: Control and management of inventory processing of incoming and outgoing orders Labelling, repackaging, and quality assurance yard maintenance Performance by vendors/carriers. Distribution of flow and cross-docking replenishment, both static and dynamic Building loads Value-added services, and kitting.

Services for Air Logistics

If you are concerned that you won’t be able to deliver goods on time during peak season due to space constraints or that you won’t be able to obtain a competitive price because there isn’t a stable cargo volume committed to the airlines, we will provide the best option to address your issue. We work with you to identify the best solutions and routing to boost productivity and reduce costs throughout your entire supply chain. In order to meet your needs in the current dynamic business environment, we offer commercial air freight import and export shipping services to and from origins throughout the world within a compressed timeframe.

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