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Prohibited Items by Courier

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The majority of logistics organizations maintain a list of goods that are restricted or forbidden for courier. Restricted goods can still be delivered under specific circumstances; however, courier services will simply decline to deliver illegal goods. When shipping overseas, individuals and businesses may be subject to various restrictions. Consult with our specialists before exporting items locally or internationally, and be aware of any current international restrictions. Now, the client certifies that none of the "Hazardous" or "Restricted" items stated in this section are included in their consignment. Any such forbidden or restricted items may be taken out of cargo by Excess Baggage or a freight forwarding business and disposed of properly without the client's consent.

 In such circumstances, the client will not be entitled to any reimbursement, and neither Excess Baggage nor the courier business shall be obligated to return, forward, or otherwise make the customer aware that the items have been stolen. In most cases, you cannot travel by land, air, or sea with forbidden goods in your personal belongings. Fees are necessary for an airline, handling agent, consolidator, etc. to remove Non-Permitted or Restricted items. The shipping will be delayed until payment has been received, and you will be responsible for paying these costs as well as an administration charge.

  • Laptops and computers
  • Power banks and absolutely no batteries
  • Explosives: detonators, fireworks, safety devices, and ammunition
  • Flammable Butane, propane, lighter gas, and aerosol spray gases
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable liquefied nitrogen, compressed oxygen, and argon are examples of gases.
  • Tear gas and insecticide gas are toxic gases.
  • Flammable Motor spirit, acetone, alcohol, cologne, oil-based paint, and other liquids
  • Flammable Solids safety matches, sulfur
  • Spontaneously flammable yellow or white phosphorus
  • Dangerous Lithium, calcium carbide, and magnesium powder when wet washing powder, an oxygen generator, and a hair bleach
  • Two-component organic peroxide adhesives and hardeners
  • Arsenic, strychnine, and pesticides are harmful substances.
  • samples of blood or tissue, cultures, and infectious substances
  • Radioactive Substances X-ray equipment and cancer therapies
  • Corrosives Mercury, ammonium solution, wet vehicle batteries, sulfuric acid,
  • Other Dangerous Things, Including Environmentally Dangerous Things and Dangerous Things in General Lifesaving devices, magnetic material, dry ice, polymeric beads, ecologically risky compounds, consumer goods, and genetically engineered (micro)organisms
  • live creatures (Including mammals, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, amphibians insects, and birds)
  • hunting (animal) trophies, animal by-products (such as shark fin and ivory), or
  • Products and derivative products that are illegal to transport under the CITES Convention and/or local legislation and are not meant for human consumption.
  • In whatever form, human remains or ashes
  • (Of any precious metal) Bullion (Usually, but not limited to gold or silver in mass e.g. gold bars or ingots)
  • (Current legal tender) cash (bank notes, currency notes and coins)

Explosives, ammunition, fireworks, interns, fuses, and caps for toy weapons are just a few examples of dangerous things.

  • Gas Compressed (flammable & non-flammable) - For instance, fire extinguishers, charged butane cigarette lighters, and aerosol items.
  • Fuel, flammable solvents, paint thinners, and varnish removers are just a few examples of liquids that might catch fire.
  • Matches of various types and cellulose nitrate films/substances that become hazardous when wet are examples of flammable solids.
  • Materials that easily produce oxygen include some hair and textile colors, bleaching agents, and adhesives.
  • Pharmaceuticals and medications are examples of toxic and infectious substances, with the exception of samples of poisons, toxins, drugs, and medicines that are packaged and distributed according to prescription only.
  • Radioactive Materials, such as compounds found in research or medicinal samples
  • Corrosives include, for example, corrosive cleaning agents, rust-removal products, and preventive equipment made with mercury or battery fluid.
  • Free-standing precious and semiprecious stones (Cut or un-cut, polished or un-polished)

    Please fill out the contact form if you wish to send a courier. Don't worry if you're far from our office. Send it to our office at the address shown there. As soon as we get the required papers, we will finalize and send them.

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