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Prohibited Items by Cargo

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Prohibited Items by Cargo

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The list of things you can't ship via cargo is as follows. Would you kindly have a look at the complete list of prohibited items, also known as dangerous goods that cannot be delivered to any location in the world using regular couriers or freight? Dangerous goods transportation necessitates additional planning and documentation. Certain objects cannot be transported by cargo. Generally speaking, these items pose a risk to both people and airplanes. The object is perishable, is regarded harmful, or is unlawful, to name a few typical justifications. Items that are deemed harmful may be forbidden because they pose a threat to the security of individuals transporting them or coming into touch with them. There may be restrictions on perishable goods since they might spoil or degrade while being transported. Because it is against the law to transport illegal materials, they can be disallowed. Consequently, it would be beneficial to confirm that the shipment was free of any prohibited materials, Dangerous Goods.

Battery Types: Lithium

Items that are categorically prohibited (Laptop, mobile, iPod, or any other gadgets, including Lithium Batteries) are found in lithium batteries. As a result, if you pack in your package and it is discovered during a security check and airport screening, you will suffer severe consequences.

Chemicals & Gases

Prepaid Cards, Fireworks & Flares, Aerosols (Perfumes, Room Spray, Hair Spray, Deodorant, Air Freshener, Aftershave, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, etc.), Compressed Gas Cylinders, Aqualungs, Matches, Fire Lighters, Bleach, Money, Works of Art, Antiques, Precious Stones, Peroxides, Explosives,


Additionally, flammable, non-flammable, non-toxic, toxic gases, flammable liquids, and solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, substances that emit flammable gases when in contact with water, oxidizing and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives, other dangerous substances and items, such as ammunition, firearms, and animal products, are all prohibited.

Cartridges for ink and toner for printers

The use of printers without ink or toner cartridges is permitted for freight. Therefore, you must take any ink or toner cartridges out of your printers before shipping them. Even these, along with kid's toys, that use fuel are devoid of fuel.

Paint and Fuels

Paint, thinners, spirit levels, lighter/heater fuels, and alcoholic beverages are banned to many other countries and not allowed in the USA.

Cigarette products

Pornographic material, toxic and infectious substances, corrosives, tobacco and tobacco products

Additional Dangerous Goods

Other Dangerous Goods: Lithium Batteries, Self-Inflating Life Jackets, Dry Ice, Weed Killers, Insecticides, Weed Killers, Wet Cell Batteries, Acids & Alkalis, Mercury-Containing Equipment (Thermometers),

Customer Statement

The customer now affirms that none of the "Hazardous" or "Restricted" goods listed in this section are present in their consignment. Excess Baggage or a freight forwarding company reserves the right to remove any such prohibited or restricted items from a shipment and dispose of them appropriately without consulting the customer. In such cases, the customer won't be responsible for any compensation, and neither Excess Baggage nor the freight forwarding company will be required to return, forward, or notify anyone that the items have been taken. You cannot travel to most countries with restricted items as personal things by land, air, or sea.

Agents for cargo ask customers to confirm with the customs of their final destination whether such goods are allowed or not. For the removal of Non-Permitted or Restricted products by an airline, handling agent, consolidator, etc., fees are required. You will be responsible for paying these fees along with an administration fee, and the shipment will be delayed until payment is received.

If you want to send a courier, would you mind completing the contact form? If you're a long way from our office, don't worry. Send it to the address shown for our office. We will complete and transmit the necessary documents as soon as we receive it.

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