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Luggage Shipping To Nepal

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Luggage Shipping To Nepal

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Dragging your luggage to the airport, waiting in line to let the airlines handle your bags for you charging hefty fees, and getting to your destination hoping your bags arrive when you do in one piece is a hectic process overall. So, we offer you the best way to manage your luggage without even thinking about it throughout your trip and that is by Luggage Shipping.

Namaste Cargo Nepal has one of the most widely used convenient, affordable and reliable shipping services in Nepal. We specialize in shipping your luggage door to door from your home, hotel, apartment, or from any part of the world to Nepal.

What is Luggage Shipping?

Luggage shipping is the shipping service of your luggage wherever you’re going, whether it is from Airport to Hotel, Hotel to Airport, or anywhere in between your travel. It is the method of transporting your luggage through shipping services both nationally and internationally.

The process is somewhere the same as the shipping of packages except that the luggage shipping can be done from the airport counter or directly from your hotel lobby. You can even arrange to have your luggage picked up from your apartment, office, or different other suitable locations.
The best option is always to go for luggage shipping while your travel plan includes multiple or heavy baggage and luggage. There are multiple other reasons for you to choose luggage shipping over any other shipping methods to transport your luggage:

Hassle-Free Travel

Nowadays to travel with your luggage is just a lot of hassle; you have to get into the airport with more calculative time estimation before flights and wait for the luggage on arriving at the destination. But with the luggage shipping service we provide, you don’t have to get to the airport ahead of time. You can get to the airport and be tension-free about your luggage which is already at your destined location or ahead of you to reach there.

Stress-Free Travel

Checking bags on multiple touchpoints while traveling can be a big hassle for any traveler. There’s always a tension of baggage to show up at claim points, whether they’ve arrived or not, whether they were handled properly or not, and other risks.
You can save considerable time and stress every time you travel by simply not checking bags. You can travel now hands-free and stress-free for carrying and planning to bring your luggage to Nepal.

So it is super convenient and much better than dragging your luggage around with you through buses, flights, trains, subways, or wherever you’re going. It makes it a lot easier for you to travel without a luggage burden.

No Weight Limits

There’s always a fixed weight prescribed for your luggage to ship with you on a flight. So, most of the time, it’s impossible for you to include all your necessary items in the limited weight capacity. With luggage shipping, you can transport multiple items. You can ship sturdy and bulky luggage well. The cost for shipping multiple items this way is way more economical than other shipments.

Save Money With us

It is very convenient when it comes to having two or more luggage because luggage shipping is specifically more economical than the airlines.
The cost of luggage shipping is in fractions of what you actually would pay while checking it with flights. You have to pay only for the cost of your luggage, there’s no extra charge included for handling or door-to-door services. Our shipping charges are comparatively cheaper than other competitive shipping companies in Nepal.

Complimentary Insurance

Your luggage is in the hands of the most reliable and capable shipping company in Nepal. The luggage arrives at the destined location at the scheduled time undamaged and intact. In case you are worried about what if there are any unconsidered losses while shipping? You don’t have to worry about that at all. We provide insurance coverage for the items that you are transporting in your luggage. 

Prompt Customer Care

From a cost-saving standpoint, we can give our customers options in terms of what the costs are going to be on particular luggage with respect to different delivery options. We keep our customer’s choice and convenience on the upfront. We help them choose the perfect delivery plans as per their requirements and acknowledge them with the most cost-effective delivery options. We have tremendous value in customer care and satisfaction. There’s no complaint regarding customer satisfaction whatsoever.

Luggage Safety

Damage and theft cases of luggage are always the weak points of airlines. There’s no insurance and guarantee on the safety of the luggage we carry during flights. But with luggage shipping, all your luggage is labeled before setting off and all the further processing of your luggage to reach its destination is planned and monitored by our company. Your luggage doesn’t need to be checked at multiple airport securities and there’s no chance of misplaced delivery or theft and damage risks. Your luggage is all sealed, secured, and handled by our company throughout its travel to reach Nepal.

Full-Time Tracking

You can always stay updated with luggage location in time. Our crew picks up your luggage from the pickup point: labels it and provides you with the tracking number. After that online tracking can be done via our website.

Formalities And Legalities

If you are worried about extended formalities and processes, here we assure you a reduction in extra burden from formalities that you would have to bear while traveling with extra luggage. The process is very simple, we collect your luggage from your door, label it, and off your luggage goes for its destined location before you travel yourself. All the legal procedures and customs clearance are done by our legal and custom experts.


Pack and Seal the luggage
Usually, luggage shipping includes luggage and baggage but for fragile items, you should use a standard corrugated box, bubble wrap. Gather everything you need to ship and place them inside the box. To seal your box simply apply tapes across all seams: on the top and the bottom and also use the edge taping method to prevent tearing of cardboard. Use labels with extra adhesive to ship wood, plastic, or metal containers. Zip-lock your luggage properly.

Book Your Luggage Shipping Online
It’s just a few easy steps for you to book a luggage shipping order through our website. All you have to do is mention details about your luggage: quantity and weight, and pickup and drop-off address. You can then schedule it for processing the shipment. The form can be filled in our book a shipment tab. The shipment is accurate on its arrival as scheduled.

Collection of Your Excess Baggage
After the placement of the luggage shipping pickup schedule, our company processes to pick your luggage from the mentioned location, and proper labeling is done. We pick up your package at your door and process it for shipping to Nepal.

Track Your Unaccompanied Bags
Once your luggage is sealed and labeled, it’s ready to ship, and the rest is easier knowing your shipment is secure and in the capable hands of Namaste Cargo Nepal. You are then provided with a shipment tracking number which you can use to track your luggage via our online site.

Your package gets delivered on time and in top condition. We unlock the best shipping services from all over the world to Nepal. Our luggage shipping services facilitate travelers to travel easy and light to Nepal while their luggage is safe and sound shipped to the desired location anywhere in Nepal. To ensure air transport safety, Namaste Cargo inspects the item before packing them in the shipment box. 

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