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Namaste Cargo Nepal is a top-tier global three-party logistics provider, specializing in both national and international freight forwarding, warehousing, Sea Cargo, Road Cargo, Air Cargo, Door-to-Door courier services, distribution, and many more logistic services to optimize every step of your supply chain.

We are the one-stop end for one to many, many to one distribution chain within and outside Nepal. No matter what your requirements are we will be the complete one-end solution for all your logistic requirements.



Namaste Cargo is a team of technical enthusiasts having long-term experience in the field of logistic management. The need of time and demand for high imports and exports has established us as Nepal’s most widely used logistic company. Our services have been enjoyed by customers all over the world.

If you are looking for a reliable Logistic Company to transport your luggage, baggage, gifts, documents, or any other packages to Nepal, Namaste Cargo is 24/7 available to help you with door-to-door shipping services in Nepal from anywhere in the world. We have countless resources and up-to-date knowledge to help you with any knowledge you crave for logistics.

In case, you are planning to move back to Nepal and have a humungous amount of luggage to be transported at a limited budget expense, we provide you with an attractive discount on the prices we normally charge. This will help you establish a long-term relationship with us and will be beneficial for your future shipments through us as well.


Shipping to Nepal with Namaste Cargo facilitates the premium guaranteed safety and door-to-door shipment tracking system. You can easily track your luggage, baggage, belongings through our online tracking system with any internet serviced device. 


We prevent multiple checkpoint stops and embezzlement in the packages by assigning them to the fastest and safest possible transport mediums. Carrying heavy luggage from Hotels to airports and back to hotels can be a hectic job and stressful travel while always thinking about the security of the bags. With us, you can travel light-handed, burden-free safely to Nepal while your luggage will already be waiting for you at your home. This lets your travel to Nepal be a hassle-free moving experience.


Based on the nature of your luggage type and weight, we assign our logistic experts to schedule the shipment to the most favorable transport way to Nepal. Our most used transport medium would be Airways for its fastest pace of travel with just a little additional expense which would definitely let you enjoy the cost of the experience. Air Cargo lets the packages travel on time with minimum custom interference and our logistics experts tend to schedule your delivery with the one having minimum transit, delivery time.

Disclosing the content of your package and its value helps us complete the customs clearance without causing any delay. Make sure you’re complying with sanctions and import, export regulations.


 There are certain taxable and non-taxable items you have to consider while finalizing your items before sending them to Nepal. Nepal bans the import of a few such highly valuable items exceeding the mentioned limited quantity.

Learn about such items for Nepali as well as foreign citizens in the given link:


Custom packaging is one of our specialties, many Nepalese overseas have chosen us to deliver the gifts for their loved ones, family, and friends to Nepal. We have successfully achieved our goals and fulfilled our duty in the rightful way to let the gifts get into the right hands on the allocated time.

Few prior arrangements need to be made in case of delivery at a fixed date. We recommend anyone willing to make such delivery get in touch with us through our Book a Shipment tab a few weeks prior to the delivery date.


Namaste cargo Nepal is designed with up-to-date logistic management techniques and a highly professional team to cope with your shipments from start to finish. Once you assign us the proper documentation of your baggage, luggage, you don’t have to look after anything but just wait for the secured delivery at your doorstep.

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish with In freight and Cargo Services, we’ll be here to provide you with the best logistic services, International shipments to Nepal that you need:

·         A complete inventory of multiple transporting and packaging items to choose from.

·         The wide range of options provides you with the flexibility to choose the best of all, meeting your perfect shipment requirement. 

·         Our logistic experts will guide you through your entire shipment and transactions while shipping to Nepal.

·         Customized packaging and delivery options are availed to meet customers' personal requirements.


We avoid charging excessive packaging charges on multiple packages by combining them into one efficient box while shipping. This helps our customers to get all their belongings packed safely in one secured box with maximum protection. This also reduces unnecessary packaging weights and hence reduces total cargo weight as well.


The average delivery time for shipping to arrive in Nepal can be a week or less depending upon the urgency or economy of the customer’s requirement.

We ensure that your parcels, packages arrive as fast as possible to the recipient's address in Nepal.


International shipping to Nepal for your online purchases from anywhere in the world is now a quick and easy process. Once you receive your purchase from the merchants, we’ll be right outside your door to collect them and send them for shipment to Nepal.

 How much will it cost for shipping to Nepal?

Most of our customers have been associated with us for their personal, business, or any other transactions for specifically long terms. Our service charges are relatively cheaper and go cheaper with the increase in trade with the regular customers.

As the leading logistic company of Nepal, we are able to secure exclusive discount offers on bulk shipments and multiple transactions.

We do not charge extra fees for fuel, customs, packaging.

We assign our specialists to go for the cheapest and safest available medium to transport your packages. This makes us more efficient and brings us closer to our customers.

Give us the opportunity to make the hectic cross-border shipments an easy and comfortable experience for you right from your home. We deliver to any location in Nepal. Even at the hardest times of import restrictions, global affairs, we make sure your packages reach your doorstep.

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