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Import and Export from Nepal

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Import and Export from Nepal

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Namaste Cargo Nepal is the best place for whosoever wants to be a better player in the global trade market. You can handle your import-export businesses from Nepal right from your home through us. The possibilities of reaching potential customers, traders, and developing a long-term bonding with them are endless. When it comes to the international supply chain, the immense legal procedures, paper works, and formalities make the work hefty and expensive. To deal with individual customers is an impossible task for you to handle yourself.

We act as a mediator between you and your target audience to perform import and export businesses and let your business thrive in success.

Our expertise and long-term running in global logistics have established us as an eminent, reliable logistics company in Nepal. We help our customers and businesses get seen by more people worldwide. 

Continuously interrupted inter-border activities have restricted many thriving Nepali individuals and businesses to get direct access with their relatives, clients outside of Nepal. Be it import-export businesses or for individual needs, the present scenario of worldwide trade activities is immensely disturbed and time-consuming. 

Even if the process may not seem that much complicated but it can be a challenging one if not chosen the right company to help with guidance.

The best part of the entire process of importing or exporting through us is that you can handle it right from the comfort of your home. Door to door delivery feature extracts the transport burden from your side.

Once you get into international trading through us, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of transport options, delivery options, and entirely new levels of professional trades. We can help your goods reach your desired location in the least travel time.

No matter what’s going out with the global economy, imports and export are always going to be in the marketplace. Capital goods, consumer goods, foods and beverages, personal goods, equipment, or any other category, we look after all sorts of imports and exports on behalf of our clients and customers.

Whether you’re seeking to send your business products abroad or importing items from multiple sources to Nepal, we help you with import and export management entirely with no transport or documentation burden from your side.

We handle invoicing, packaging, shipping, financing, and a lot more services on your requests. 

For specific equipment, beverages and items you need trade and tax bureau permits which can take months to acquire. Similar research needs to be done while trading multiple items or doing businesses across the world. 

Namaste Cargo team looks after all the legal backups, insurance, and permit requirements single-handedly.

For businesses

Many startups are excited to sell their products in international markets. The competitive markets occupied by named brands hinder in shining of authentic Nepali products. Your items must get delivered to your customers in the quickest possible time to maintain the connection. We have been indulged in businesses where we are the export/import merchants for our customers to get raw materials to Nepal and sell finished products abroad. We can multifunction to meet your business requirements accordingly.

Major export product profiles for businesses include Tea, Carpet, Ginger, Honey, Medicinal plants, Aromatic plants, Pashmina, Cardamom, etc. Businesses have infinite opportunities to enjoy preferential advantages through important markets in countries all over the world. 

If you are a foreign business or individual planning to import excellent quality authentic Nepali products in bulk quantities at affordable rates, Namaste Cargo Nepal is delighted to help you through this journey. 

Burdens you’re free from while exporting or importing through us:

Ministry of Industry under the Ministry of Finance has listed formalities to be fulfilled for performing any export transactions. Certificates and documentation of the items to be exported and the details of the sender, his/her all national documents need to be submitted. With Namaste Cargo Nepal, the scenario of submitting the entire paper works is handled entirely by us. We plan and present all necessary certificates on behalf of our clients to proceed with items for export.

Export Procedure

Find trade partners

Getting sources of information from clients who want to export their items is the initial step. First, we decide which countries our clients are looking to export into, we help them find potential and promising market areas. This helps them connect with potential international buyers and traders.

 Conclude sales contract

After clients finalize the items, quantity, date of delivery, payment modes, and terms, we begin the shipment of goods internationally. The full responsibility of loading, clearing goods for export, arrangement of transportation mediums, insuring the items, etc. are taken by us.

 Obtain required certificates

While exporting packages individuals are required to certify every item, their types, and quantities to gain a concession for export. We obtain such duty concessions and get all necessary paper works certified from TEPC (Trade and Export Promotion Centre) and concerned departments in a limited time.

Appointing transporter

As professional freight forwarders, we specialize in shipments from door to door, factory to market, or anywhere desired by the customer. Our strong logistic network exposes you to a wide variety of transport mediums where we can arrange any transport mode as per your shipment requirements.

 Clearing customs

International freight forwarding requires handling of customs and payment duties as well. We accumulate all the invoice data, certificates, packaging lists, and pay the customs charges accordingly. 

There are various restricted and limited supply allowed items for exporting from Nepal. We suggest you go through the page before finalizing any item for export.


We understand the responsibility of meeting specific requirements and uncertain demands related to a particular commodity. We have a full range of choices for you to customize your shipment. 

We’ve been navigating Nepal’s supply chain efficiency to build efficient import processes and boost trade compliances and customs. Our mission is to work directly with businesses and individuals to help them thrive in the global marketplace.

There are various intermediate goods, raw materials, and finished goods that Nepal sells abroad annually in huge amounts which no other country in the world produces or provides. 

It’s practically impossible for individuals to cope with imports, exports, and trade businesses single-handedly. Regulations, tariffs, sanctions, customs, and trades law change every now and then. This can result in companies paying hefty fines and penalties when trading internationally.

Import restricted items and rules regarding import can be read on Nepal Trade Information Portal: https://nepaltradeportal.gov.np/guide-to-importing

Our specialties:

  • Warehousing

  • Air, Water, and Land Cargo Services

  • Courier Services

  • Documentation Management

  • 24/7 Customer Services

  • Online shipment tracking system

  • Priority clearances

  • And many more premium-quality services

The needs of businesses and demands of potential customers are always evolving, more inflow and outflow of products are constantly occurring. Our hands-on approach aims to insight all of your needs from day-to-day activities to large-scale operations. The exquisite blend of qualified personnel and years of experience helps us strengthen our customers’ trade activities.

With a wide variety of innovative solutions and cutting-edge tech, our team of expert individuals offers customers to import and export services worldwide.

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