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In the modern era, International shipping has become a common norm for many businesses. Import and Export have changed the industry boosting revenue and enabling the doors towards global trade. Logistics involves moving goods from one place to another. It involves anywhere from finished inventory for sales, raw materials and machinery equipment, large cargo and shipments as well as specialized delivery of fragile items. For any business, the costs of production and sales involve a major factor in deriving profit margins. If you hold too much inventory, a large sum of funds will be held there. If you source materials locally for a high price, you’re never competing on the global markets with that level of high costs. With concepts like just-in-time production and quick delivery, you have to get and deliver your cargo in the most efficient way possible. Delivery should be fast but handled with extreme care. Businesses aside, even a simple person has ties to his friends and family residing abroad.

While all these sounds compelling, the lengthy and complicated process involved in customs clearance rises as an intimidation factor. Like any checkpoint at a mall or supermarket, customs is the checkpoint of a country. The customs officials will check the goods one by one, verifying the documentation and items if they comply with the legal requirements. More than that, you hear events where the goods never arrived past the customs point, or somebody had to bear an outrageous addition to fees at the customs point rising even higher than the cost of the item itself. This generates a vibe of unease. By all means, for a normal person, it is daunting and troublesome. But by taking some simple preventive measures and getting things sorted ahead of time, it gets simple and effective quickly. 

Here, we will assist you through what the custom clearance process actually is, and some advice that will surely help you a lot in the long run.


Customs clearance is a government-imposed system regulating the import and export of goods. This revolves around the legality aspect, addressing if a certain cargo is allowed and has a proper authorization to be traded, or shipped at the international level. It makes the entire customs clearance a crucial factor in shipments- a well-organized process for some, whereas daunting and troublesome paperwork for the rest. Given the complexities involved in the customs clearance process, only professionals with great expertise in the said field can handle this procedure effectively and efficiently. These licensed customs brokers are solely responsible to handle transactions on the importer/exporter’s behalfs. 

 Let us go through what steps are involved to release the cargo from a customs point, safely ascending onto its destination. The neatly packaged cargo first goes through the verification section. Custom Clearance point in Nepal requires assessment and examination. First, the assessment is about checking the integrity and quantum of information in the paperwork provided. The documents should mention the type and nature of the goods in the cargo, the details about the shipper and the receiver, as well as measurements. Also, it contains duties, charges, fees, and other payments needed at the customs point. 

The customs officer then checks if the documents and cargo are valid. This is to verify whether the requirements imposed by the Nepalese government and the foreign government are complied with. Normally, the Department of Customs in Nepal operates with the directions from the Ministry of finance, but other governmental divisions could also influence the requirements needed.  

Examination of cargo is the next important step. The type, size, and value of cargo determine whether it falls into the tax bracket. It helps in the computation of payments, taxes, and outstanding duties. These can be paid in advance to quicken the shipment process as well. Finally, the cargo is permitted to move and at this point, the customs clearance process is completed. 

We here at Namaste Cargo Nepal have been dealing with cargo shipments for a long time. All the once tedious tasks such as getting the Export-Import-Code (Exim) and paperwork related to the customs clearance are now honed to perfection. Pre-planned procedure along with prompt action ensures that you’ll get no additional delays on your cargo delivery. Not only does this ensure seamless custom clearance, but usually incurring charges due to delays such as differing brokerage charges, late fees, additional storage costs, late shipping fees, etc. are eliminated. 


Customs checking is done to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone. Harmful or illegal substances shouldn’t be imported or exported for the general well-being. Explosives and drugs could threaten national security as well. Hence, a check-point to say is a valid approach. However, any procedure is prone to costing some expenses. 

Hence, one of the most asked questions comes down to How much does the customs clearance cost? It depends on a few factors including the customs clearance charge. This is a standard fee set by the customs themselves. Consolidated shipment charges are related to the examination of documents, aided by inspection fees for the inspection of cargo. Further, the agency fees vary, depending on the agent you hire. Mostly, the agents offering a flat rate agreement have lots of hidden clauses that you should inspect with a keen eye.

In the context of Customs Clearance in Nepal, the points between the receipt and clearance of cargo are clogged by lots of paperwork and slow-moving items. Therefore, it is essential to know the entire procedure beforehand. Before sending the goods for export, or importing from other countries, checking the proper documentation, fees and duties calculation, and advance payments if available will surely go a long way. Getting in touch with the customs officer, and being on their priority list also proves to be a massive time-saver.

Our Advice regarding Custom Clearance in Nepal

Here is a list of short and simple advice that you can easily follow. Starting with the documentation, it should not leave out duty payment receipts showing all the taxes are paid. Certificate of origin specifies in which country the goods are produced, processed, and finalized. You should be ready to submit all the documents, and any additional documents if asked. Any slight delays could increase the custom clearance time significantly. 

One purpose of customs clearance is to collect the revenue for the government, also known as taxes. This is collected by several names, such as duties and the processed fees are added as well. The custom clearance charges depend on the rules thereby applicable. So, knowing these rules about the import/export volume, trade license, custom permits, invoices, and letter of credit along with the rates is vital. Moreover, you should know if a product is eligible to be shipped and the rate of charges that comes along with it. This will help you to pay up in advance, which should always be opted for. 

Some aspects directly after the customs clearance shouldn’t be neglected either. The prime example of a substantial cost increase would be caused by additional storage. Improper loading or delays of any nature which cause the goods to get held in any particular stage will cause additional expenses. To avoid unnecessary situations, first, file all the list of items into the documentation. This will be followed by neatly and accurately packaged cargo. Get a trusted source to reliably handle the shipping container. Improper loading will often catch the attention of officers, and further inspection will cost you more. 

Some bills go along with the cargo. Being technical, it is easy to miss the purpose or insert correct information which can lead to a lot of things going wrong. A commercial invoice is a bill of sale. It should specify the purchaser and sender, and the details of goods of which both quantum and price should be mentioned. If the price is not known, the value of the cargo will work. Bill of Lading is a bill, more like a receipt, issued by someone on the ship after verifying the cargo. Without this document, paying freight on shipment would be very difficult. However, a bank guarantee can be used as an alternative in certain scenarios. Also, try not to lose the bill of lading, as a new one cannot be issued. 

Customs rules are subject to changes. It could be caused by amendments on the legal side of things, political interference, or updated taxes. This can affect tariffs, quotas, storage charges, duty, new license requirements, etc. While someone working in this field for a long time would be focusing on news and rumors to adapt quickly, others can remain flexible. So, when the changes arrive, you can adapt and improvise quickly. 

Still too difficult to follow all the procedures and to-do list? Here’s another piece of advice, possibly the best anyone will offer. It's about getting the experts to do your work. The skills and expertise which the professionals gain through working in the said field over a long time can be very helpful for anyone looking to simplify the procedure. For a small service charge, all the procedures are dealt with efficiently by the experts. Luckily, Namaste Cargo Nepal provides such a service. We are the logistics providing a high-quality service par excellence, at the best prices. With us, you can find the cheapest rates among others all over Nepal. 

Namaste Cargo Nepal – Custom Clearance Simplified

The best Cargo company in Nepal, Namaste Cargo Nepal, boasts expertise in the field of shipment, cargo delivery and all kinds of logistics-related requirements. We offer import and export facilities with safe and swift handling of your cargo delivering the same across the globe. We do offer customs clearance including the paperwork, inspections, local taxes, and regulatory compliances to meet your supply requirements. In conclusion, customs clearance, and cargo shipment, in general, is vastly complicated and a time-consuming affair. We believe that no consumer doing either import or export should worry about the lengthy procedure involved underneath. 

Hence, a cargo service that takes care of all the procedures while reducing costs and time for the consumer is needed. That's exactly where we shine. It has been a good chunk of years since we started providing the service, and to date, we are the best in our field. Our services are well-renowned due to the meticulous care and precision handling we provide throughout the entire journey. We have good standings with the government officials and an outstanding track record of delivering the cargo always on time. For the best care of your cargo and cheapest rates, always remember Namaste Cargo NepalRegarding Custom clearance Advice Please contact +9779810368826 (Viber/whats app)

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