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The process of providing a good courier service at a reasonable price is somehow a difficult and complicated task. However, since the establishment of Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt Ltd, we have been focusing on the enhancement of making the task simpler and connective to the world’s market. If you are seeking a courier service delivery from Nepal to USA, your first choice should be Namaste Cargo Nepal. As a supreme logistic organization, we provide the best delivery services for both commercial and residential purposes at the cheapest price. And when we say the cheapest price, believe that we look forward to making our services affordable to all economic level of customers. Being the cheapest courier service provider, our customers use the services to deliver a variety of different products to USA on a regular basis.

Namaste Cargo is a global logistics service provider, that has been delivering number of products throughout the world. Our staff of highly experienced specialists makes delivering a package to USA and other countries easier and more convenient than ever before. In addition to these, we ensure that every packages are delivered safely and securely to its destinations. We provide door-to-door delivery services within short time period, so that without any efforts you receive your important files and documents. In terms of USA, time duration is 2-4 days on average.

We always thrive to stay as the best courier service in Nepal. We provide clear documentation, parcels, and shipments to USA by charging the least service charge. Our shipment services include various mediums such as air, land, and sea depending on the time and nature of products. Our loyal staffs make sure that every product are being handled with outmost care. Namaste Cargo Nepal is one click away from delivering your products from Nepal to USA. We further have a feature of real-time tracking systems which enables our customers to see the location of their beloved items. To make you understandable, we have discussed some amenities and conveniences that we provide:

Fast Shipment 

The fast expedition service not only boost your sales, but also builds customers loyalty and trust. Thus, we are very much concerned when it comes to the time of shipments. Namaste Cargo Nepal always seek new technology and ideas to further enhance the time duration while shipping the packages. Which is why, we take pride in speed in our services. Although the time of shipment from Nepal to USA varies according to the shipping methods, we are still faster than our competitors. When it comes to the reliability of speed, our company is always there at the top.

Comparatively Low Service Charge

Namaste Cargo Nepal is the first preference for its fair and cheap price practices. As a logistic company, we try to charge a cheap service price to sustain our services within all level of economic customers. The additional charges while going through different shipping mediums and international customs also depends on the value of cargo. However, we charge you with comparatively low price compared to the market price. We never disappoint you with the quality and reliability, you are supposed to get the services that are worth your pay.


Importing and exporting a cargo is definitely a complex thing. Most people already turn away with the procedures and steps. However, that’s not the case here at Namaste Cargo Nepal. Our trained professionals and technicians makes your work extremely easier. You aren’t supposed to do the heavy lifting as well.

As part of your work, you are only supposed to visit our site, enter your personal details, and fill up the forms. You can also take the help of our staff through the contact number that is in our web page. After filling up the details with price of shipments, your product is ready to go. Just like that, your beloved product will set to leave from Nepal to USA.

Payment Security 

Payment security is another important thing to be considered. The secured environment with in the company leads to build a profound relationship among the customers. In terms of Namaste Cargo Nepal, you aren’t supposed to worry about the payment security. As per your habitual platform, we allow you to perform your payment system with any platform like (E-Sewa, IME Pay, Khalti, etc).

Real-Time Package Tracker

To make our customers user friendly, we have come up with the practice of Real-Time Tracker. It is a feature that allows you to track your parsing package during the delivery. Just by entering the tracking ID, you can get all the information related to your cargo. You can sit on your couch and track the entire journey of your cargo i.e. Nepal to USA.

What Kind of Products is Disallowed While Shipping?

While shipping different kinds of product, one has to have the knowledge about the shipping restrictions. The same product might be legal to one country while illegal at other. It is highly advisable that you research about the products that are considered illegal. If the products are found to be illegal during the shipment, there is a possibility of product seize or it is sent back to the sender. 
Likewise, United States also has some restricted items for shipping. Harmful stuffs like Tableware, ammunition and fire arms, and alcohol are strictly disallowed. Similarly, drug items and medications are not allowed to ship.

Methods of Shipments

Ever since its establishment on 2017, Namaste Cargo Nepal has practiced different mediums to deliver your products. However, the best and time saving medium to deliver your item would be on air. There might be some charge difference, but the services are worth your payment. It should also be considered that the time duration and price during the courier is directly affected by the medium of shipment you choose.

You can further consult to our helping team if you are still confused on the process and formalities. Our team are 24/7 available to help you, so that there would be one less thing to get worried about.

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