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Sep 25, 2018

Courier Service Provider in Nepal

Namaste Cargo (P) Ltd. is the leading and largest network courier service provider in Nepal that has been providing its courier service throughout the world. We are known as the supreme organization that has been serving with best courier service in various parts of the country. Our company has been running with various advanced technologies and scientific management processes using the world-class technology. We have reliable experts and professionals that have come up with a fresh team and ideas to address your requirements and by virtue of many years of experience. We deliver various packages and products either it is for commercial or residential purposes. Our courier service includes speed, specialization,and security of the products. We have been operative our courier services in all the scales, from within specific towns or cities to regional, national and global services.
Courier Service is best known for its speed, flexible and reliable modes of transport.You can use this service in the case of any urgent delivery and for valuable units. This is also known as a door-to-door service. In which you don’t need much effort to get the goods from a large distance. Choosing a courier service is one of the best ideas for the growth of the business. Whether yourstart-up your new company, an independent contractor or just want to send a gift to your loved ones, courier service helps you professionally and personally to deliver the package in time. There are many processesfor shipping goods. But there is no guarantee if the package is secure and in the same condition when it was before. It can be damaged. Our courier service includes complete reliability guarantee of your goods. We have implemented the latest forms of transportation that do not delay. Many times we can cost you less and can deliver the goods faster than you rushing out the door. We provide the quickest service at a cheap price. Our cost is always affordable. If you send your goods through traditional methods, it can be exorbitant. We have friendly customer service representatives who help you to ensure the important package and make them reach the destination on time. The process of balancing work, business, family and personal times leaves a little time to just stand in a line at the post office. And our cheap courier service in Nepal help you out with a bundle of benefits over choosing the postal system of shipping the goods.
The main aim of our courier service is to provide with prompt a clear pickup along with delivery services to our customers. We provide clear documentation, parcels and cargo shipment to various destinations in the entire world charging the minimum service charge. We care about our customer’s satisfaction, need and demands. We always try to fulfill the needs of the public with our highly dedicated quality of service. We guarantee the safe delivery of our customer’s shipment and provide valid proof of the delivery to the concerned parties. We have got nationwide and overseas network of transporting cargo and shipment to the various destinations within Nepal and abroad.

Welcome to Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd. we are one of the leading International – Cargo forwarding & Courier service provider company from Nepal our main goal is to serve our customers with the highest satisfaction & promptness. Our Relaibility honesty, accuracy, close communication and commitment is our main asseet. We offer all types of services, from Express Documents & Parcel to Door to Door Cargo, airfreight to sea freight, warehousing to complete packing and complete international trasportaion services. We are a well established and acknowledged as a quality service provider and well respected by our customer and competitors for our technical knowledge and logistical ability, as well as our enviable record on service and attention detail.

Shipping banned & legal items in Nepal

To help you understand what can and cannot be shipped from Nepal, under Nepalese law, we at Namaste Cargo Nepal have put together the following list. Please note this is what the Nepalese government allows and disallows. Your own countries import laws may be different. Please contact us if you are unsure, we are happy to help.

A. Products banned for Exports
1. Articles of Archaeological and Religious importance
1.1 National and foreign coins of archeological value.
1.2 Idols of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), Plant leaf inscription (Bhoj Patra).
1.3 Scroll (Thanka paintings) of historical importance.
2. Conserved wildlife and Related Articles
2.1 Wild animals
2.2 Bile and any part of wild animals
2.3 Musk
2.4 Snakeskin, lizard skin
3. Drugs
Marijuana, Opium, Hashish (as defined in the Single Convention of Narcotics, 1961)
4. Articles of Industrial Importance
4.1 Explosives materials and fuse or materials needed there for.
4.2 Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition.
5. Industries / Raw Materials
5.1 Raw Materials and skin (including dry salted).
5.2 Raw wool
5.3 All imported raw materials, parts, and capital goods.
6. Other products
6.1 Mamira
6.2 Log and timber

B. Products under Quantitative Restriction
Products as notified by His Majesty's Government in Nepal Gazette from time to time.

C. Products allowed for free exports
All products other than banned ones and under quantitative restrictions.


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