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Courier Service from Nepal to Canada

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We are glad to announce Namaste Cargo Nepal, an online parcel booking gateway for courier service from Nepal to various other countries across the world. Our service is established with the goal of delivering rapid delivery for your courier throughout the world. Despite our geographical dispersion, courier service connects us to the rest of the world at any time.

The way merchants and manufacturers handle their supply chains is being influenced by consumers. Companies are increasingly turning to skilled partners to assist deliver their products to market, allowing for faster turnaround times, better flexibility in managing capacity surges, and lower financial risk as they focus more on core activities. Namaste Cargo Nepal is putting forth a lot of effort to meet these issues. We've been delivering courier services to our customers all around the world, and we also offer active online assistance to connect with international customers for the finest possible customer service.

Some of the issues we confront are transportation sustainability, global dependency, and online shopping. Using a courier service to deliver your products to your door, on the other hand, is a painless process. We can help you combine your orders and deal with them in a more sustainable manner. As a supreme logistic private company, Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt Ltd is committed to providing you with the best cargo service available in Nepal.

We handle the entire process, from packing the items to delivering them to the appropriate recipient. You must complete a small form that contains crucial information. Then you may choose the location where you want the package delivered. You are only supposed the delivery medium between air and ground delivery. Namaste Cargo Nepal assures you that your packages will be delivered on time when you submit them to us. 

Sending Cargo from Nepal to Canada

If you're seeking for the cheapest courier service from Nepal to Canada, we can assist. Namaste Cargo Nepal provides the cheapest way to send cargo from Nepal to Canada. Every day, we deliver a variety of items to Canada from Nepal; clients want a safe and dependable shipping service to send their parcels from Nepal to Canada. We provide free collection and packaging and secure travel to Canada. Following your shipping from Nepal, as well as proper documentation to Canada, we provide an online package tracking system.

Namaste Cargo Nepal offer the quickest service at a low cost. Our prices are always reasonable. It can be very expensive to ship your items using traditional means. We offer courteous customer service representatives who will assist you in ensuring that crucial packages arrive on time. This is a major leap toward the development of our country. Everyone can easily send and receive goods from Canada. Many of our clients work with high-value items. Their urgent delivery requirements, as well as the fragile nature of freight, necessitate attentive handling.

Store and Warehousing Facility

We offer the best warehouse service in the globe. Manufacturers, exporters, and importers all utilize it extensively. We will store your cargo in our warehouse until it is ready to be transported when we receive it. During the time it takes to prepare the freight, it will be kept in a temperature-controlled, dry, and secure environment. Your expensive items will never go missing, thanks to our superior warehouse inventory system. We keep cargo ready to ship after we do the appropriate tests to guarantee it is packed correctly. We won't just give the bare minimum of safety and call it a day; we'll take the nature of freight seriously and do everything in our power to keep it in perfect shape until it's handed over to the recipient. 

Let Namaste Cargo Nepal manage all of your vital warehouses needs with the same dependability and standards of excellence that we are recognized for in all of our services, whether large or little, short term or long term. The warehouses of Courier Express are equipped with cutting-edge surveillance and alarm systems, as well as a highly trained crew.

Courier Service Method from Nepal to Canada

In order to give the best service possible, Namaste Cargo Nepal employs air freight transportation. Air cargo is not only the most cost-effective and dependable means of transportation but also the fastest and safest. We have continuously satisfied our clients' air-freight requirements since our start. In order to develop a long-term partnership with accuracy, our logistic system approach incorporates the customer's business goals. Because air freight is the most time-consuming form of transportation, our first goal will be to maintain the cost of the service as low as possible in order to appeal to a wide variety of customers. Namaste Freight Nepal is Nepal's most well-known air freight company.

On the other side, our company employs land and sea cargo. Land and Sea Cargo is a global ground shipping company that serves both commercial and household shippers. Namaste Cargo (P) Ltd. is responsible for not only arranging suitable vessels but also for handling all connected processes as well as continuous tracking of the shipment while it is in transit.

This gives us the freedom to provide more frequent sailings, more vessel room, and more consistent schedules. Our highly-trained and educated customer service representatives will walk you through the various complexities of ground shipment and assist you in reaching the best decision for your freight.  We have access to a big number of vehicles that are required for shipping. They enable us to supply the necessary equipment for any cargo. We offer land cargo forwarding services in a number of places around the country. Our organization has handled a large volume of goods in a variety of export and import sectors.

Cargo Delivery

We will transport your cargo in perfect condition to the designated destination, which in this case in Canada. We accept large and small packages of all shapes and sizes. The nature of the items must be specified. It contains information such as if the item is fragile and whether it will spoil within a few days. Throughout the delivery process, we shall use extreme caution. Furthermore, your further information will be quite beneficial to us. We make every effort to ensure that your item arrives safely at its intended location. Namaste Cargo Nepal is undoubtedly the best private logistic company from Nepal.

Cheapest Rates and Charges

Namaste Cargo Nepal is the primary choice because of its reasonable prices. As a logistics company, we strive to keep our service prices low so that we can serve consumers of all economic levels. The extra taxes incurred while passing through various shipping mediums and international customs are also determined by the cargo's worth. However, in comparison to the market price, we charge you a lower price. We never let you down when it comes to quality and dependability; you are meant to obtain services that are worth your money.

Customers are provided with various payment platforms to use. Namaste Cargo Nepal accepts a number of different payment methods, both online and offline. We've incorporated online payment services such as Khalti, Esewa, and ImePay so you may pay using your smartphone. All payment methods are safe and secure. To protect your privacy, we will not share any of your transaction information to a third party unless it is required for delivery.

Delivery Package Tracking System

Many people worry about the experience of sending a parcel and then wondering where it went or if it is still in the warehouse all day. To make our customers close within our work, we introduce you to the Real-Time Tracker which is a practice that we have devised. It is a feature that allows you to track the delivery of your selected product. You may access all the information on your shipment simply by entering the tracking ID. You may sit on your couch and track your cargo's whole journey from Nepal to Canada.

Things to Consider While Shipping any Products

When exporting various types of products, it is necessary to consider the shipping limits and restrictions of specific countries. A product may be lawful in one country but illegal in another. It is highly recommended that you conduct research on the goods that are banned. If the products are discovered to be illegal during the shipping process, they may be seized or returned to the sender.
Similarly, Canada has some shipping restrictions. Tableware, ammunition, and fire guns, as well as alcohol, are absolutely prohibited. Likewise, drug goods and pharmaceuticals are not permitted to be shipped.

Here’s More to Know

Namaste Cargo Nepal delivers the best service available in Nepal. To begin with, our services have been one of the most reasonable courier services in Nepal since 2017, and we are committed to maintaining low pricing that everybody can afford. We provide not just low prices, but also quick and dependable service. We rely on client satisfaction when it comes to the quantity of shipments and the value of the products being transported.

If there’s any confusion regardless of the explanation, our technical team is always ready to make you familiar. You can also visit our official web page and leave some feedback.

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