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Cheapest Courier Service from Nepal to India

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Cheapest Courier Service from Nepal to India

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People perceive courier service as a tremendously complicated and daunting process. Sending goods to another location meant long delivery time, high rates, unexpected custom charges, goods delivering damaged goods, and all sorts of similar trouble. But since Namaste cargo Nepal Pvt Ltd. started, you no longer have to worry about it. 

We at  Namaste cargo Nepal Pvt Ltd provide you with the best Cargo service in Nepal. We will handle the entire process, from packing the goods to delivering them to the intended recipient. We have been providing service since 2017, and with years of experience, the feedback is looking quite good so far. Our main cargo office in Nepal lies at Thamel, Kathmandu. It ensures easy accessibility to everyone.
We strive to perform swift and safe delivery at affordable prices. We are the Cheapest Courier service in Nepal. Cheap doesn't mean the service is not good. It simply means that we don't overcharge while ensuring due care and precise handling. We are the first choice of everyone when it comes to exporting and importing International Cargo in Nepal. 

Namaste Cargo Nepal specializes in the field, so remember to deliver your valuable parcel, cargo, freight from Nepal to India. We have been providing delivery service to India since the early days. Our services are of the highest quality whereas the rates we charge, the cheapest you can find. You have to fill up a simple form that includes some important information. Then you can select the destination where you want us to deliver the cargo. You can choose between Air and Land delivery methods. After sending us the parcels, you can rest assured that they will get sent promptly. Till the delivery is complete, you can also use the tracking number to see how far it has reached. 

Sending cargo from Nepal to India

India is the closest neighboring country to Nepal. Namaste Cargo Nepal bridges this gap even closer by providing a cheap and affordable trade route to send small-sized parcels up to large and bulky freights. It is a significant step towards our country's prosperity. Everyone can send and receive goods from India with much ease. Many of our customers are involved in high-value items. Their urgent delivery needs and fragile nature of freight requires meticulous care. 
We have been successfully delivering all the products within the specified time. We also transport International Cargo in Nepal. Not limited to India only, we open up global trade with all the countries. We enable everyone a chance to succeed. 


We provide the best warehouse in the entire world. It is used extensively by manufacturers, exporters, and importers. After receiving your cargo, we will place it in our warehouse till it is ready to be shipped. During the time that usually takes during preparation, the freight will remain safe in a temperature-controlled, dry, and safe place. With our excellent warehouse inventory system, your valuable items will never get misplaced. After we perform necessary checks to ensure cargo is packed as required, it is kept ready to be shipped. We don't just provide minimum safety and call it a day; we will take the nature of freight seriously and do everything within our reach to keep it in pristine condition till it gets handed over to the recipient. 

Courier Options

At Namaste Cargo Nepal, we provide you with options to choose your preferred method of the courier. You can choose between delivery by air and delivery by land transport. There are three popular ways: Air courier is suitable for large quantities and emergency shipments. Airmail is adequate if you are not in a hurry. We also provide land couriers if you're not a big fan of air transport. Our professional staff will take care of all the paperwork, and cargo will get delivered at an appropriate time. The different transportation methods you choose will directly affect the delivery time and rates. 

Cargo Delivery

We will deliver your cargo to the intended destination, which is India in this case, in pristine condition. We take large as well as small packages of all sizes and dimensions. You have to specify the nature of goods. It includes details like whether it is fragile and if it will spoil after a few days. We will take great care during all stages of delivery. In addition to it, your little more information will help us greatly. We always make sure your delivery reaches safely to your destination. We provide the best Cargo service in Nepal.

Rates and Charges

There are lots of factors that influence the rates and overall Nepal cargo price. As previously mentioned, the freight's nature and size is the most significant one. Also, the destination where you want the cargo to reach is equally important. Sending from Nepal to India, our experts will explain to you different transport and customs charges that incur along the way. If you don't want to get into details, know that we're the Cheapest Courier service in Nepal. So you're always getting the best prices no matter the services you choose. We have gained the trust of many customers throughout history through customer service. Our rates are also reasonable.

Payment options

You can make payment through the medium of your choosing. Namaste Cargo Nepal has a long list of online and offline payment systems. We have integrated online payment systems like Khalti, Esewa, ImePay so you can pay straight from your smartphone. All the payment systems are secure. We will not disclose any of your transaction details to a third party to ensure privacy, beyond which is essential for delivery.

Package tracking

Sending the package and wondering all day where it reached or is it still in the warehouse will haunt many. To deal with this, we have an effective package tracking system. From the comforts of home, you can now check where the package has reached and how long it will take to reach the destination. Real-time tracking works through an easy process. After you send packages for delivery, we will provide you a shipment ID number. If you enter it into Namaste Cargo Nepal's site, you will get real-time details about your package.  


Is there anything I cannot or should not send?
The delivery of parcels, packages, cargo, and freight depends upon the custom clearance laws of that nation. The items that are considered dangerous and illegal are prohibited. But depending on the situation, you might get into trouble. Sometimes, the cargo deemed OK in the sending country may not be well received by the destination country. To avoid such a mess, we advise contacting our team to make sure they are within limits allowed by the law of both countries. But we will take due care on our part as well.

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