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cheapest International courier services via FedEx, Ups, DHL From Nepal

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cheapest International courier services via FedEx, Ups, DHL From Nepal

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Nepal is a developing nation, nowadays it booms towards digital ways like E-commerce. Every sector in Nepal today follows the “Go Digital” way platform which makes each and every work easy and saves time as well.

People are now getting too distracted so, they didn’t follow archaic. That’s why Courier service in Nepal can be the best way that helps a digital way. So, it will be helpful for E-commerce as well. You don’t need to go outside of your house. You can shop around the world even staying at home.

The number of courier services firms also grows unexpectedly with E-commerce websites rapidly if we go through the digital platform. Using this obviously provides job opportunities to a thousand people. In the number of widespread internet fraud, courier services help cultivate trust. For this reason, the industry can allure more customers from the online pool of customers. Furthermore, courier service permits made on the same day. For many people, this positions your company as a go-to company.

What is courier and courier Service?

The term courier is a business or individual carrying and distributing mail, messages and products. It is the most effective way, where a supplier and employee of a business holds trade package and documents. Courier now covers all types of services with authentic, responsible and robust installation of courier systems. 

Courier service, the service that helps to send a parcel and consignment to another place. One can booked and paid via internet. Courier service can be done from individual cities or towns, to provincial, national and global services. Senders have the choice of getting their parcels delivered by a courier or dropping their parcels off at a nearby place for the courier to pick up later. It includes pace, products specialization and product safety. This service is among the fastest and most efficient transport modes.

Looking to shipping goods from Nepal to another country or city?
Here is the post which review the best courier services in Nepal operating in different parts of Nepal that ships across different countries. After reviewing it is easy to find the best courier service in Nepal.

List of Courier Service in Nepal [choose courier wisely]

1. Namaste Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Namaste cargo Nepal is a courier service that started from 2017 and it is situated in Kathmandu, Thamel to hit the center of town with ease. The Company offers domestic courier and international courier service.
 It is one of the top courier service providers in Nepal. It delivers to your door steps with reasonable price and are friendly as well. Moreover, having key worldwide connections Namaste Cargo Nepal delivers on its pledge as Nepal’s number one logistics company. The company offer a comprehensive through and completely priced service. You can count on us to deliver on time, whenever. It is an approved agent of almost every courier like FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, GLS.

2. Nepal Express Parcel and logistics Pvt. Ltd

Nepal express started its services as a leading logistics partner. The company is associated with services covering a wide range to meets requirements of the clients. 
The company has grown steadily within and outside of the country for its services. In order to maintain long-term relationship, the company is actively focused on creating creative strategies with targeted clients.

3. On Time cargo & Courier Pvt. Ltd

On Time Cargo & courier was founded in 2005, based on Kathmandu. The company provides services of air, sea and rail freight, as well as transportation and logistics. Among the services it has an experienced technical staff who guarantee you peace of mind.

4. Kourtier Courier Pvt. Ltd

Kourtier courier was founded in 1997, with a group of practitioners with more than ten years of experience in their respective fields. The business operates with professional and scientific management using world-class technology and a qualified workforce.
Today’s Kourtier is Nepal’s leading and largest courier service provider covering the self-contained network of more than 130 service stations around Nepal. With a powerful and well-established distribution system in Kathmandu valley.

5. Pacific cargo Nepal

Pacific cargo Nepal is a courier service started in 2005, registered company in Government of Nepal. The company, based in Nepal, offers high-class customer friendly service to customer in the fields of freight forwarding, freight distribution, custom clearance, and shipping agents. The company has large number of networks allows to offer door-to-door to destination. 

How courier service helpful to refer in this Pandemic?

As countries across the world has suffered from this pandemic situation. The widespread of coronavirus challenges the retailers, for supply chain to delivery. So they implement the measures of social distancing and self-isolation, however, they might expect of online shopping and courier industry to gain a boost.  
In this situation of pandemic all around the world it is essential to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Instead, we cannot stop communicating people and sending gifts and parcels as well business documents and packages. 
So, courier service is very beneficial to people for even in these bad situations and enjoy all the advantages without leaving house. Courier service helps you to get benefited form services and solutions to meet all of shipping needs.

Courier service is the best way to stay connected to everyone either within a country or worldwide because of their speed, security, and affordability that can fulfill a large delivery chain in this very situation. 


Even though courier service in Nepal is not that much effective due to addressing issues. But different ways can be defined as the solution and courier service can be effective for shipping needs.
Courier service is effective for range of activities that covers selling and buying items online. Delivering party gifts, cards and even gifts to celebrate special occasion and make personal life easier. It is the best, safe and effective way to stay connected worldwide.
Eventually, this post is all about courier service in Nepal as well as the profitable advice to choose the best courier service in Nepal.

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